Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Council to set terms for Housing Committee at tonight's session

Prince Rupert City Council will chart its course for their Housing Committee initiative tonight as City Manager Robert long delivers the terms of reference for the much anticipated Committee, a key item of interest for many of the Council members in recent months.

At tonight's Council session, Council members will consider the Terms of Reference as outlined by Mr. Long, which deliver the mandate, purpose and Membership of the proposed Committee structure.

The desire for a specific listing of the Terms of reference was first discussed by Councillor Joy Thorkelson earlier this year, from her request, City staff produced the report for consideration tonight.

The Mandate of Council is to establish and appoint a select committee to son cider or inquire into any matter and to report those findings and opinion to the council.

At least one member of the council must be a Council member, while persons who are not Council members may be appointed to the select committee.

The Purpose for the Committee has been established to receive, research and develop municipal housing policies within the sphere of municipal government authority, as well as to encourage senior
governments to supply housing needs in accordance with their mandate, to improve housing circumstances within Prince Rupert and supply a coordinating voice for housing needs; all to be done without accepting any downloading of housing responsibilities of senior governments.

As well, the Terms from Mr. Long's report highlight how it must be clear that the City does not have the resources to implement any housing strategies but can act as a facilitator only in these matters.

In addition, the select committee will take one year to report out to Council and by way of a sunset clause will cease to have any cause and effect as of of of February 1, 2016/

Membership of the Committee is to be comprised of 3 Council members and 4 representatives from groups, agencies and individuals interested in housing matters, the Chair of the Committee will be selected from the Council representatives at the first meeting.

There will be no remuneration for work engaged in as part of the committee activities.

Once Council has accepted the Terms of Reference, they can then outline the timeline for their first meetings and offer up the names of those that have chosen to serve on the committee of seven members.

You can review the full report from pages fourteen to sixteen of the City Council Agenda for tonight.

More background on housing issues in Prince Rupert can be examined from our archive page.

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