Friday, February 27, 2015

Councillor Cunningham wants to see City council representation on Cruise Ship Task Force

As Prince Rupert begins to make its plans for the 2015 Cruise Ship season City Council offered up a few thoughts on Monday evening, looking to find a direction that the City may wish to travel when it comes to providing some input on developments.

The conversation started with an inquiry from Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa, who asked the Mayor if there were any developments underway to increase the number of cruise ship visits to the community.

Mayor Lee Brain offered some observations that at this time, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is in the early stages of reconvening its Cruise Ship Task Force Working group, looking to reassess how it is going to look like for this year.

Councillor Mirau outlined his participation in the work of the committee thus far, which is still in the early stages, advising Council that his engagement was related to his work with the Nisga'a Society.

From that advisory Councillor Cunningham outlined his desire to see some for of involvement by the City of Prince Rupert in the planning for that committee, offering up the name of Councillor Randhawa as s potential city candidate for participation in the work of the group.

The Mayor advised that he would investigate the status of the Working group further and advise Council accordingly.

The short discussion on any potential Civic involvement in the Cruise Ship Working group can be reviewed from the City's Video Archive, starting from the one hour twenty eight minute mark.

In past years, the Cruise Ship Task Force has endeavoured to provide a coordinated approach to working with all of the city's tourism groups to seek out a larger footprint in the community from the BC and Alaska Cruise industry.

Further items related to the Cruise Ship industry in the region can be found here.

More background on City Council developments can be reviewed here.

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