Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Election financing Math proves a little less complicated in Port Edward

As we outlined on the blog earlier, Elections BC has released the financial statements from those that sought office in the 2014 Municipal election campaign. A data base that offers up campaign contributions and expenses for all of the candidates province wide.

And while our Prince Rupert review featured a range of contributions and expenses for the 2014 municipal campaign, things it seems are just a little less complicated in Port Edward, where there is no lengthy list of contributors, nor great amounts of money spent put forward when it came to expenses.

If Prince Rupert's campaign offered glimpses of the North Coast version of machine like politics, it was a much more relaxed effort down the road.

As the 2 candidates for Mayor and eight seeking council office had no need to call in the accountants to keep track of the accounts payable and receivables. For the most part, the 2014 campaign in Port Edward was a self financing effort of pragmatic spending, no large sums of money collected, and equally small amount of money spent.

You can review the full listings below:

2015 Mayoralty Race

Dave MacDonald (elected Mayor)
Contributions 500.00   Expenses 477.48
(500.00 self contribution)

Alice Kruta (Challenger)
Contributions 229.90   Expenses 229.90
(229.90  from one corporate donation)

Port Edward Council Race

Dan Franzen (elected to office)
Contributions $500.00   Expenses $357.24
($500.00 self contribution)

Christine MacKenzie (elected to office)
Contributions $400.00   Expenses $319.45
($400.00 self contribution)

James Brown (elected to office)
Contributions $397.38   Expenses $397.38
($147.38 self contribution$250.00 from one non profit Organization)

Grant Moore (elected to office)
Contributions $300   Expenses $265
($300 self contribution)

Not elected in 2014

Knut Bjorndal
Contributions $202.50  Expenses $202.50
($202.50 self contribution)

Ed Day
Contributions $316.23   Expenses $316.23
($316.23 from one corporate donation)

Murray Kristoff
Contributions $657.56    Expenses $657.56
($657.56 self contribution)

Clayton Vanier
Contributions $1025   Expenses $716.63
($1025 self contribution)

You can review the full disclosures from the 2014 campaign here.

The files that have been made available include a listing of those individuals and corporations that contributed to the candidates campaigns. As well as a break down as to how they spent their money during the election period.

For more items related to developments in Port Edward see our archive page here.

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