Friday, February 13, 2015

Vancouver Province profile of Justin McChesney puts spotlight on Rainmaker quest for a Langley return

CHSS Rainmaker
Justin McChesney in
action earlier this year
When it comes to attention from the Vancouver media, the Charles Hays Rainmakers have been there before, last year's run through the AAA provincials was the first of the high profile mentions in the recent Rainmaker era.

That notice has continued on through the 2014-15 season, the Rainmaker trips to the south working their way into the weekly Basketball columns of the Vancouver Province, along with what has been a permanent placement in the Top Ten rankings over the last few months.

However, this week a profile of Rainmaker Justin McChesney should take that interest in the travels of the Rainmakers to a brand new level.

For those who may have missed it, Howard Tsumara, who is considered one of the most knowledgeable of Basketball observers in British Columbia, provided a full length article for Wednesday's Basketball page.

A fairly impressive review of Justin McChesney's high school exploits with the Rainmakers, offering a bit of a glimpse into the Charles Hays program, as well as some background on head coach Mel Bishop as he prepares his squad for another shot at a trip south.

The article which you can read here, outlines some of the interest into McChesney's post high school plans that has already started to arrive, with at least ten university programs already having made some inquiries of the Rainmaker.

The Province review of the season so far highlights some of the injuries that the CHSS squad has had to deal with through the last few months, with the majority of them now finally part of the past.  A welcome shift in fortunes that comes just in time with the Zones on the horizon for the end of the month, an event hosted by the Rainmakers from February 26-28.

While the attention to the team and McChesney in particular is a good thing for a small northern team looking to make a return to the Big Show of Langley in March, head coach Mel Bishop will no doubt remind his squad of the more immediate tasks at hand.

Making plans for another appearance at the AAA Tournament will require a continued focus on the road that leads there, something that the long time Rainmaker coach will be reinforcing quite a bit we imagine over the next two weeks.

Should the Rainmakers prevail at the Northwest tournament, the attention to their story will only grow in the weeks leading up the AAA Tourney.

Though when you consider their success last year in Langley and the increased focus from the Vancouver media through this season, the Rainmakers certainly won't be considered as underdogs anymore.

You can keep up to date on developments in the Rainmakers camp from the CHSS Sports twitter feed.

For more items related to CHSS sports from this year, see our archive page here.

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