Friday, February 13, 2015

Councillor Thorkelson looks for civic engagement on fishery issues on the horizon

Councillor Joy Thorkelson
Councillor Joy Thorkelson changed hats for a few brief moments at Tuesday's City Council session, taking some time at the end of the Council meeting to provide a short snapshot of what the upcoming Salmon season might look like.

She outlined how the prospects for the harvest for 2015 provides positive trends for both pink and sockeye runs for the season ahead, which she hailed as good news for this community.

A situation which Ms. Thorkelson believes will provide for a good year for local fishermen and shore workers and a season that will offer significant spin off effects for the region.

As part of her presentation to Council the Councillor looked back at some of the past fishing seasons and the disappointment that many in the local industry found from missed opportunities.

She also recommended that Council give some thought to inviting representatives from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to an upcoming Council session to discuss their plans for the Fishery moving ahead.

As part of that theme, Councillor Thorkelson made mention of some of the potential changes that DFO has in mind that could have an impact on the community and how the City may wish to share some thoughts with the agency as to the importance of the fishery to Prince Rupert.

You can review her short overview from the City's Video Archive, it runs from the two hour twenty five minute mark and continues on for about three minutes.

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