Friday, February 27, 2015

Prince Rupert Vessel Services coverage area to expand in wake of Coast Guard closures

Seal Cove Coast Guard
Base in Prince Rupert,
From Gov't of Canada site
According to a number of press reports today, the Federal Government has advised its Coast Guard Communications staff of plans for three closures for British Columbia Coast guard vessel traffic operations.

With Government set to shut down the Tofino and Vancouver stations by mid May, while a third located in Comox is destined to close in early 2016.

The British Columbia closures are part of a larger reduction in services across Canada.

With the restructuring of the Coast Guards operations in the province, it would appear that the area of coverage and the workload for the Prince Rupert station will expand.  That as the Coast Guard moves communications normally handled by the Tofino station, to the Prince Rupert station at Seal Cove.

There was no mention if the staffing requirements of the Prince Rupert station would change with the increased area of coverage.

Unifor local 2182, the union branch that represents workers at the affected Coast Guard centres has launched a petition drive to oppose the Government plans, you can review it here.

Some background on the announcement can be found below

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