Thursday, February 12, 2015

City's Heritage Committee steps aside, setting stage for potential creation of Commission

Tuesday evening's Prince Rupert Council Session started out with a bit of a surprise announcement, as Rhoda Witherly, Chair of the City's Heritage Advisory Committee advised Council that all five members of the Committee were submitting their resignations.

Joining Ms. Witherly in taking their leave from their duties on the Heritage Committee are: Judy Warren, Heather McLean, Alison Brunelle and David Archer.

She offered up the observation that the committee members were of the opinion that everything has a shelf life and that they're time was done.

The announcement was made as part of Ms. Witherly's overview of some of that past work by the Committee over the last year.

During her twenty five minute presentation, she outlined work that the committee has taken on over the years, with the work on Pillsbury House in particular the highlight item of their review.

The Committee also provided a few suggestions for Council for how they may wish to approach Heritage issues moving forward.

Among the recommendations were three key points for consideration.

Review and update the City Heritage inventory document ( a project which could require at least 8 to 10,000 dollars in funding)

Establish a Heritage Commission pursuant to Part 27 of the Local Government Act

Encourage the formation of a Society specifically charged with maintenance and preservation of Pillsbury House.

As she wrapped up her review and recommendations, Ms.Witherly thanked all of those that served on the committee, making a point of singling out the work of Judy Warren who she praised for her efforts particularly in the work related to  Pillsbury House.

She also had kind words for the work of the City's Al Scott, who provided much assistance to the committee over the years.

The Mayor and Council members thanked the committee for their efforts over the years and suggested they may call on them for a bit of guidance as they move towards forming a new Heritage Commission.

No timeline was offered up by Council on Tuesday as to when they would be seeking candidates for the new approach, or what that Commission may look like and what issues it would be responsible for.

You can review the presentation from Ms. Witherly, as well as the comments from Council for the path ahead on Heritage matters from the City's Video Archive.

The presentation and discussion starts at the 2 minute mark and continues on until the twenty five minute point.

A full outline on Council developments can be found on our Council Timeline feature.

For more items related to discussion at Prince Rupert City Council see our archive page here.

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