Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Elections BC delivers Prince Rupert's Financial Review for Municipal election 2014

The financial review is in from last years Prince Rupert Municipal Election campaign, as Elections BC has released its financial overview from the candidates of the 2014 election period.

The number crunching provides us with not only an account of both the financial contributions to the candidates efforts and their expenses from it, but also a glimpse into how the candidates campaigns seemed to resonate with city residents through the election period.

Considering the scope of his eventual victory, it's probably not much of a surprise to learn that Mayor Lee Brain, led the list of those with the most contributions.

His efforts during the 2014 campaign delivered  $23,719.16 in campaign contributions.  With a similar amount spent on expenses during the course of his successful election campaign.

The next nearest competitor in both the donations and expenses categories was Mayoralty Challenger Sheila Gordon-Payne, who collected $14,600.23 in donations and spent the same amount during the election campaign period.

An indication as to the shift in direction for the city from the last campaign, is the number of familiar individuals and corporate names that lent their assistance to the campaigns of the three challengers for the Mayoralty.

All of whom featured a list of donors and supporters that provided both large and small donations directed to the financial resources of the candidates, as well as offering up their declarations of support through the campaign.

One takeaway from the financial review is that for then Mayor Jack Mussallem, the election trail of 2014 was very much a self financing project.

With only one donation to the then Mayor's list of support found on his disclosure sheet, that of a corporate donation from Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.

On the Council side of the election period, it was the campaign of Blair Mirau which attracted the most donations last year. The newcomer to the municipal government scene collected $5,735.63 in donations, and spent the same in his successful quest for a council seat.

Nelson Kinney receives the best cost vs result award for his efforts last fall, the returning Councillor declared no campaign contributions and apparently spent no money during his re-election campaign.

Councillor Kinney had much company in the parade of the self supporting, as candidates Ashley, Garon, Niesh, Thorkelson and Pedersen all listed their efforts as self financed campaigns last fall.

A breakdown for each of the candidates financial listings can be found below:

2015 Mayoralty Race

Lee Brain (elected Mayor)
Contributions 23,719.16   Expenses 23,719. 16
($19,190.98 in individual donations over 100 dollars, $4,300 in corporate donations, $168.18 misc, $60 anonymous donations)
($3,142 of the donations were in amounts less than 100 dollars)

Sheila Gordon-Payne (Challenger)
Contributions 14,600.23   Expenses 14,600.23
($7,850.23  in individual donations over 100 dollars, $6,750 in corporate donations)

Tony Briglio (Challenger)
Contributions  7,717.03   Expenses  7,717.03
($1,617.03 in individual donations over 100 dollars, $6100 in corporate donations)
($117.03 of the donations were in amounts of less than 100 dollars)

Jack Mussallem (Then incumbent)
Contributions $1549.52   Expenses  $2,817.67
($1000 in self financed campaign, $500 dollar corporate donation,  $46 in individual donations $3.52 misc)
($46 of the donations were in amounts less than 100 dollars)

2015 Council Race (Candidates elected)

Barry Cunningham
Contributions $3750   Expenses $5,328.30
($3,000 in individual donations, $350 from commercial organizations, $400 from trade unions)

Nelson Kinney
Contributions $0   Expenses  $0

Blair Mirau
Contributions  $5,735.63   Expenses $5,735.63
($4,235 in individual donations over 100 dollars, $1,500.63 in corporate donations)
($640.63 of the donations were in amounts less than 100 dollars)

Wade Niesh
Contributions $84   Expenses  $84
(Self financed campaign)

Gurvinder, Randhawa
Contributions  $2,150.00   Expenses  $3,224.87
($150 dollars in individual donations over 100 dollars, $1,650 dollars in corporate donations, $300 in donations from commercial organizations)

Joy Thorkelson
Contributions $3,110.87   Expenses  $3,110.87
(Self financed campaign)

Candidates that were not elected

Anna Ashley (then incumbent)
Contributions $500   Expenses  $463.34
(Self financed campaign)

Gina Garon (then incumbent)
Contributions $0   Expenses  $0

Ray Pedersen (Challenger)
Contributions $4283.92   Expenses 4,283.92
(Self financed campaign)

You can review the full disclosures from the 2014 campaign here.

The files that have been made available include a listing of those individuals and corporations that contributed to the candidates campaigns. As well as a break down as to how they spent their money during the election period.

For more items related to developments at Prince Rupert City Council see our archive page here.

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