Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Deadline one month away for applications for Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation Grants

March 31st is the final day for members of the community to submit their applications to the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation, a chance to access funding for local groups that may have a  current or proposed project they requires a bit of financial assistance.

The one condition to the application process is that the applicants may only apply for funding for the acquisition or repair of fixed or tangible assets, money will not be granted to assist ongoing programs or to be put towards general operating expenses.

For a helpful guide as to what kind of assistance is available, a list of past grant recipients is available from the Community Fund website, you can learn more about the 2015 Grant process here.

As well the Community Foundation has an online Application form available, which provides applicants with an easy to fill out template that takes all of the questions out of the process.

More about the project is available from their website, providing more background for those that wish to contribute to the Community Fund and its support for community initiatives. 

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