Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Legislature back in session after Speech from the Throne

Lt. Governor Judith Guichon
delivers the Speech from the Throne
on Tuesday, Feb 10

British Columbia's MLA's returned to work in the Legislature yesterday as the Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon delivered the British Columbia Government speech from the Throne.

Providing the the BC Liberal Government's plan ahead for the spring session ahead.

The main talking points for the Premier and her government  reflecting notes on the economy, trade, skills training and education, engagement with First Nations and rural communities among the themes.

You can review the full content of that speech here.

For those that like to take in the pageantry of the Speech from the Throne, the BC Government flickr stream has a number of photos of Tuesday's Legislature opening.

The thirty minute blue print however didn't seem to resonate much with the NDP opposition, or many  of the members of the Legislature media for that matter.

Opposition leader John Horgan from the NDP offered up a less than flattering review of the document, suggesting that the Premier and her "government is out of touch with real life for B. C. families..."

Media reviews of the new blue print offered up a range of opinion when it came to the focus that the Liberals have put on their key issues for the spring session

B. C. Government deserve a medal for hollow throne speech
Cut red tape! Reward good citizens! Protect Free Speech!
B. C. throne speech highlights diverse economy but lacks bold LNG predictions
Premier defends stand-pat throne speech
Not much different in B. C's Throne Speech
Throne Speech Dials Back Province's LNG Expectations

Premier Clark and the Lt. Governor
Outside the B C Legislature on Tuesday
With the speech out of the way, the real work of the Legislature begins today as MLA's from all parties and all corners of the province return to some of the key issues of concern for their constituents.

For the Premier the next big event on the Legislature calendar will be the delivery of  the Provincial budget by Finance Minister Mike de Jong, he will outline the province's financial overview next Tuesday.

That in reality is the real blue print for the government for the year ahead, the revenue stream the main arbitrator when it comes to some of the Liberal's plans.

 The new session once again provides opportunity for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice to reflect seem of the concerns of the North Coast riding to the provincial government.

Prior to her return to Victoria, Ms. Rice no doubt had opportunity to hear of some of those concerns from her travels around the riding, her Facebook page features notes on her some of her recent travels with a particular focus to areas of the Central Coast area.

And most recently she, NDP MP Nathan Cullen and Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain participated in the opening ceremonies of the 56th Annual All Native Basketball Tournament.

Hopefully the Mayor took advantage of the get together with the MLA to reinforce some of Prince Rupert's concerns at this time, such as infrastructure issues, housing issues and the city's thoughts on a more generous split of taxation revenues for the municipality.

All items that the NDP MLA should be raising with the provincial government and speaking out on in the Legislature chamber.

As well, the MLA might want to bring up the topic of the impasse regarding the Alaska Ferry Terminal project, though as we reviewed last week on the blog, on that issue she is of the same mind as NDP MP Nathan Cullen.

An approach that would seem to be opposite of some residents in the area, an in particular with that of the local business community.

As we have in the past, items related to Ms. Rice's contributions to the Legislature can be found on our archive page.

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