Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Celebrating Prince Rupert's fascinating past ... one tweet at a time

Those in Prince Rupert who make use of the social media platform Twitter perhaps have stumbled across a new entry to the city's online information themes.

An interesting approach to reminding North Coast residents of the rich history that has been part of the fabric of the coast for centuries.

As of the weekend just past, the twitter feed for The Optimist (once the name of a local Newspaper from the early days of the city, part of a lineage that led to the still mourned Daily  News) has started to dispense tidbits of historical items, providing for a short notation on a topic, accompanied by a photo.

The use of twitter  makes for an interesting use of social media to rekindle the love of the past that  Prince Rupert residents have.  However, dig a little deeper into the Optimist twitter feed and you'll find a link to a more expansive website that has been created, providing further background on the topic selected for the day.

So far the feed has delivered three items for review, the most recent one, a look back to the earliest of the newspaper wars for Prince Rupert.

Hopefully the creator of the Optimist will stay the path of frequent contributions, the content so far has been quite enjoyable to review and with no shortage of material to work with, the project should enjoy a fairly lengthy run.

From First Nations history in the region, through to the early days of the Grand Trunk and Prince Rupert's time in the spotlight during the Second World War and the booming days of the sixties and seventies, the Optimist could become an enjoyable way to look back at the foundation that has contribute to the community of today.

You can access the twitter feed for The Optimist here,  the more expansive website for the project can be found here.

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