Thursday, February 26, 2015

Traffic congestion at Civic Centre from ANBT raised at Council

Councillor Niesh at Monday's council
session on ANBT traffic congestion
at Civic Centre complex
While the All Native Basketball Tournament is a welcome addition to the Prince Rupert calendar, the volume of people arriving in the city and congregating at the Civic Centre has provided for one spin off issue for local residents.

At Monday's Council session, Councillor Wade Niesh relayed a story of an elderly lady who discovered that part of her normal bus ride to the Pool would suddenly involve n unanticipated a walk, taking her from the Spero's Market bus stop to the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre.

A situation reportedly required as the city's transit buses  could not travel their usual route into the Civic Centre complex.

As Mr. Niesh outlined to Council, the nature of the traffic and gathering of spectators to the Civic Centre was resulting in a lengthy amount of time for the buses to transit the parking lot and entrance to the complex, An ongoing problem that in the end, seemingly led to the decision to not make the effort.

As the Councillor correctly pointed out, that area should be accessible at all times to buses and emergency vehicles.

As well, he observed that as the event takes place in February, weather conditions could have been very bad, and the idea of an eighty year old woman having to make the trek from the store to the pool isn't acceptable.

Councillor Niesh suggested Council should address by way of a letter to the ANBT committee, seeking a way to solve the issue for next year's tournament. He offered up the recommendation that tournament organizers provide for some form of traffic control during their event.

You can review his commentary from the City's Video archive, Councillor Niesh outlines the situation at the 1 hour twenty four minute mark.

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