Friday, February 27, 2015

Recommended Community Grant disbursements outlined in City Budget Presentation

City of Prince Rupert CFO
Corinne Bomben at Council
Monday evening
Community organizations and groups that access money from the City of Prince Rupert were included in the review of information as part of Monday's Budget Presentation.

As the City's Financial Officer provided a listing of where the city's grant money will be allocated as part of the financial forecast, should City Council approve the final version of the financial blue print.

The Contributions to Community partners portion of the Report to Council was divided into two sections, with the smaller amounts of the Recommended Grants in aid totalling $102,500 of the Budget forecast.

As for the larger amounts, which are dedicated to the Major Grant recipients. The CFO's  report recommends disbursements to total $ 1,274,500, allocated to six community organizations.

The Recommendations and breakdown from the 2015 Budget are as follows:

Prince Rupert Golf Course
Equipment for Golf Course - $40,000
Wages and Benefits for Superintendent - $122,000

Prince Rupert Economic Development Commission  $50,000

Tourism Prince Rupert
Tourism Prince Rupert Hotel Tax Transfer -  $220,000
Visitors Information Centre  -- $31,500

Museum of Northern British Columbia
Kwinitsa Station Grant -- $15,000
Main Museum Grant -- $111,000

Prince Rupert Library 
Library Grant -- $566,000
Vest Benefit accrual - $9,000

Lester Centre -- $110,000

Portions of  funding from those total amounts have already been distributed by the City, with the remainder of the grant funding to be allocated once the Final Budget decisions have been made.

You can review the amounts that have already been forwarded from the chart below:

Ms. Bomben's full report to Council can be reviewed here.

On Wednesday, we provided some background on her Financial presentation to Council with this item on the blog.

Her update for  Council is also available for viewing from the City's Video Archive, it starts at the 58 minute mark.

Council will review the report from the CFO and make its final determinations on the Grant allotments for 2015 following the public information engagement sessions of March 9th and 23rd.

For more items related to the City's Budget considerations see our archive page here, for more background on City Council see our Council Archive page.

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