Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Broken Water main makes for re-erouted travel on East side of city

City crews have been dispatched to
the City's east side to deal with a
water main issue
A broken water main at the intersection of Crestview Drive and Applewhaite Drive is going to mean a change in access to Frederick Avenue and 11th Avenue East for at least the next week

Public Works crews began work on the problem area on Monday with excavation work starting on the roadway in the area of the waterman, to allow crews access to the waterman.

As a result of the required road closure, Prince Rupert Transit has had to make a change to the number 53 route to the east side, with the bus now rerouted to 11th Avenue East to Frederick and then on to India Avenue.  A temporary bus stop will be set up at corner of Conrad Street and Prince Rupert Boulevard for those in the upper Crestview area.

You can learn more about the required work from this item posted to the city's website.

A map of the affected area and the temporary change to the transit route can be found below.

The waterman issue marks the second incident in the region over the last two weeks related to Prince Rupert's water infrastructure, City crews most recently had to provide emergency repairs to a water main issue at the corner of Frederick and 8th Avenue East on October 21st.

For more items of interest from Prince Rupert City Council see our archive page here.

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