Thursday, November 5, 2015

City recognizes long serving employees

Mayor Brain and some members of
Council congratulated 16 civic workers
for their service to the community on

The City of Prince Rupert paid recognition to employees who have provided between 5 to 35 years of service to the community, holding a celebration of achievement event on Wednesday.

While there was no update on related to Wednesday's recognition  posted to the City's official website,  the news was shared on the city's Facebook page and Mayor Brain did make note of the achievement on his municipal Facebook page later in the day.

In a short statement from those social media streams, the Mayor thanked the 16 employees up for recognition for their service to the municipality and noted that the city has recently welcomed many new employees to the City of Prince Rupert Team.

A nod from the Mayor perhaps to the flurry of civic employment additions that have taken place over the summer and into the fall, a review of some of those new positions can be found here.

The list of the 16 civic employees that received recognition on Wednesday for their service to the community can be found below:

5 Years

Jordan Lalonde -- Arena
Elaine Hidber -- RCMP
Glen Smith -- RCMP
Ocean Rutherford -- Pool
Corinne Bomben -- Finance

10 Years

Brenda Armstrong -- Public Works

15 Years

Ila Mueller -- Public Works
Jeffery Beckwith -- Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department
Daniele James -- Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department

20 Years

Karen Hansen -- RCMP
Garnet Robinson -- Public Works

25 years

Moyna Macilroy -- RCMP
Cindy Wessell -- Public Works
Fortunato Repole -- Public Works

35 years

David MacRae -- Public Works
Howard Bailey -- Public Works

You can find more items related to developments with the City of Prince Rupert from our archive page here.

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