Thursday, November 5, 2015

Premier Clark meets with energy company officials during Chinese tour

The Premier of British Columbia is in the final days of a week long tour of China,  a fairly full schedule that has seen Christy Clark and members of her delegation exploring a range of trade and investment opportunities with a number of Chinese officials and businessmen.

Through frequent photos posted to the province's photo site, the tour has provided a glimpse to some of the stream of meetings that have taken place to this point, where LNG and resource development, among other investment opportunities were apparently on the agenda at some of those get togethers.

You can review some of the updates and announcements that have come from the tour to this point from the BC Government website.

The photo array of yesterday may be of some interest to North Coast residents, with a few of the snapshots making note of the Premier's stop at the Chinese Energy Corporation offices, a company with a strong interest in resource development in the province.

Premier Clark arriving at the
offices of CNOOC, the Chinese
Energy Company
(Gov't of BC photo)
Premier Clark an officials of CNOOC,
in discussions during the Premier's
tour of China
(Gov't of BC photo)

While no details have been released about topics of discussion between the Premier and officials at CNOOC, we imagine that at some point the Northwest investment plans for the Aurora LNG Terminal might have become part of the dialogue.

CNOOC is the major investor in that proposed energy project, which would see a Terminal at the south end of Digby Island ship gas from the Northeast to Chinese markets.

The Aurora LNG Terminal Project  process is in its early stages, with the first of the community engagement opportunities recently having come to a close.

Of those that participated in the initial review of the engagement process, the majority of the comments provided as part of the first Draft review indicated some opposition to the project by residents of the Dodge Cove area, as well as from other interested contributors to the process.

More background on the Aurora LNG Terminal environmental process can be viewed from the BC Government's Environmental Assessment file here.

You can review some of the updates and announcements that have come from the tour to this point from the BC Government website.

For more items related to the Aurora LNG Terminal proposal for Digby Island see our archive page here.

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