Wednesday, December 2, 2015

CFNR looks to expand its reach

They've carved out a good share of the radio airwaves of the NorthWest and now Terrace based CFNR is looking to expand its horizons, giving some thought to starting an Aboriginal focused radio station in the ultra competitive Vancouver radio market.

Towards that developing that plan further, CFNR has launched a listener survey, directed to those living in Vancouver that may be listening in through the stations web site.

The main focus of the survey is to determine what kind of radio programming that residents of the Lower Mainland are looking for and how they think that CFNR might help to fill that void.

The station is also looking to keep in touch with those in the Vancouver area, offering them a toll free number to phone to share programming ideas, or the chance to join their email list to receive updates as they move their application plans forward.

You can review the full survey here.

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