Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bonjour, je m'appelle Don Krusel: Former Port of Prince Rupert President and CEO joins Port of Quebec City

Expansion is on the mind of the Port of Quebec, and a familiar name to
the North Coast will be helping them achieve their goals.

As things turn out, Don Krusel is not done just yet when it comes to building ports from scratch ....

Almost one year after his retirement and departure from the Port of Prince Rupert was announced,  former President and CEO Don Krusel is returning to the world of Global shipping, this time ready to help the Port of Quebec City to jump into the future with container shipping.

The announcement, which was made August 27th by the Quebec port, will see a  section of port land known as the Beaumont sector expanded and turned into a container handling facility to build a new deepwater container terminal.

Don Krusel will be helping to steer the Port of Quebec City towards a new
future in container terminal development, the former President and CEO
of the Prince Rupert Port Authority was named to the post of Managing Director
of the Quebec port's Container Terminal project this week

No timeline was revealed towards the project, but once completed, the fully intermodal will take advantage of direct access to major rail and highway networks.

Quebec City Port officials noted that the the Port of Québec is well positioned to serve as a gateway to the vast Great Lakes trade corridor, with the introduction of a new container terminal, the St. Lawrence River will finally boast a real alternative to the deepwater ports of the Eastern Seaboard.

The plans to create a container shipment terminal in Quebec City has parallels with the Prince Rupert development, with the new terminal proposal set to provide some competition for the larger and more established container facilities in Montreal.

Port President and CEO Mario Girard hailed the leadership that Mr. Krusel will bring to the Quebec City project.

“Bringing Don Krusel on board at this decisive phase in the project is a strategic move that will provide us with welcome high-level leadership. His reputation in the industry, his in-depth knowledge of port operations, and his commitment to the success of the container terminal are all major assets that will help us get Québec City’s deepwater container terminal built,” 

The move by the Port of Quebec is being hailed by industry observers as an impressive first step in securing the ports footprint in the global container industry, with many of the notices of his return to the business of building port facilities making note of his achievements in Prince Rupert.

Quebec port appoints Krusel managing director of container terminal project
Krusel selected to develop Port of Québec container terminal project
Appointment of Don Krusel as managing director of the Port of Québec's container terminal project

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