Friday, August 3, 2018

Planting Day set for Sunday for Overlook Community Garden

The community effort in the city's Overlook area is about to put down some roots, with those that have been working on the Community Garden project at the end of the east side street, prepare to get to work to fill the garden beds that have been created for the location.

The Planting Party is set for Sunday, August 5th from 10AM to 4 PM at the cul de sac end of Overlook in the far east of the side of the neighbourhood .

The garden project was launched back in early May, with Transition Prince Rupert joining in to help build on the community efforts and lend some assistance in accessing funding.

Overlook Residents are hosting a Planting Party this Sunday
as they begin 
to fill in the garden beds created for their
Community Garden on the 
east side of Prince Rupert
(click on map to enlarge)

Among some of the work to be tackled this Sunday: filling the beds with soil, transplanting the seedlings from greenhouse to beds and the installation of the fence and gates.

Organizers note that the project has gone a bit over budget, so donations are being accepted, as well to help with the cost of the project, the group has plans to make plants available for sale, along with a popcorn sale planned for Sunday.

You can find out more about their Sunday plans here.

More background on the project is available through the Transition Prince Rupert Facebook page.

Some of our past notes on the work in progress can be found below:

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The concept of Community Gardens is an area which Mayor Lee Brain has taken a particular interest in over the last few years, included as one of the themes as part of his recent Sustainable City 2030 initiative presentation to City Council.

You can explore some of the other elements related to the Redesign of Prince Rupert and Sustainable City plans from our archive page here.

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