Thursday, August 9, 2018

Northern Expedition returns to service; Northern Adventure finds delays on departure out of Prince Rupert

The Northern Adventure and Northern Expedition are both on their way
to their respective destinations today. The twins sailings mark the first day 

since the weekendthat both vessels were in service at the same time

All things considered over the last two weeks or so, today's latest update from BC Ferries is but a hiccup on operations, with the Ferry Corporation advising that the Northern Adventure is currently facing a sixty minute delay after a belated departure from Prince Rupert.

Today's issue was the need to take on fuel prior to leaving the Fairview Terminal and the need for some extra time to load as many vehicles on the vessel for the sailing.

The Service Notice for the Northern Adventure can be reviewed here.

There was some positive news out Fairview today as well, with the Northern Expedition returning to service with its departure out of Prince Rupert at 7:30 this morning.

That vessel had been sidelined since the weekend when it pulled into Prince Rupert requiring engine repairs.

With the return to service, the Northern Expedition has revised its schedule and added a stop in Klemtu for the southern journey.

The Service Notice for the Northern Expedition can be reviewed here.

You can track the journeys for both vessels from the BC Ferries vessel tracker.

For a look back at the recent troubles for BC Ferries on the North Coast and a wider overview of Ferry related items for the region see our archive page here.

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