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Taking Stock: North Coast Business Scene -- June/July 2018

Summer as it  always does, seems to slow down the flow of news from the city's commercial sector, with the vacation months of June and July for the most part giving way to other pursuits than developing business plans.

With that, we have combined our overview of the city's commercial sector from the last two months, providing for a recap of some of the stories of the last 61 days.

Among some of the themes a look at the number of celebrations in the community from Seafest, to Canada Day to Cow Bay Day that brought the public out into the city's downtown and other commercial areas.

The last two months have seen some business operators close their doors, while others made plans for expansion or shifted locations, with the Cow Bay area once again attracting commercial operations from the downtown part of the city.

Tourism as well has provided for a boost to the city's business sector, as the Cruise industry and work of Tourism Prince Rupert continue to bring new guests to town to explore all that Prince Rupert has to offer.

Those themes and many others, can be be found as part of our review of the Commercial and economic scene in the region for the last two months month below:


Those that supply the fishing industry saw a short burst of business in late July, as the commercial fleet finally received an opportunity to go fishing after a summer of fishing advisories and delays for openings.

The Cow Bay area of the city attracted yet another business from the Third Avenue downtown core in July, with E'klektik Trading/Coastal Fibres taking up space in the growing commercial area near the Atlin Terminal.

Prince Rupert's Wheelhouse Brewing Company gained some additional attention this summer, as the BC Ale Trail project expanded to the Northwest, charting the course for thirsty travellers along the Highway 16 corridor.

The Wheelhouse was also making news with some expansion plans in July, with the local house of Craft Beer looking to increase capacity to 85 people at its location above the Atlin Terminal.

The restaurant scene for the North Coast saw a shift in June, with an experiment in Thai cuisine coming to an end as the Aroy-D closed its doors on Third Avenue West.

Attracting tourists and visitors to the North Coast took on an interesting twist over the summer, as Tourism Prince Rupert launched their "noting to see here" program, providing for a range of prizes for those who highlighted some of the region's attractions.

The quest for public access to fish products on the City owned Cow Bay Marina gained a bit of traction as Ecotrust Canada launched a consultation process on the long sought goal of a Fish Market style of access to the waterfront.

Prince Rupert's business class took to the links in July, hosting the annual Beans N Jeans Golf tournament at the Prince Rupert Golf Course.

And July started off with a party, as Prince Rupert took to Mariner's Park for the annual Canada Day celebrations, with local businesses helping to chip in to make the day a success.


Motorists in Prince Rupert were faced with the twin issues of spiking gas prices and lack of supply at times through the month of June.

Members of Northern Savings were breaking out their new bank cards through June as the deadline to a changeover to Flash Cards arrived in the Northwest.

The City's downtown core and Waterfront areas came alive in June as the annual Seafest Celebrations took over the weekend of June 8-10.

Those who subscribe to the services offered by CityWest heard some welcome news in June as the Prince Rupert owned communication company outlined its timeline for the installation of their Fibre to the Home program.

Prince Rupert's business community continued to show it's support for the students of Charles Hays Secondary and Pacific Coast Schools, with the 2018 Awards program featuring a range of scholarships and bursaries funded through local business and industry.

Prince Rupert's rebounding Cruise ship industry delivered guests in the thousands through June and July into the streets of the City, with the Regatta doing its part to introduce the North Coast to wide variety of guests.

You can keep up to date on the ebb and flow of the Prince Rupert commercial scene through our Taking Stock Archive for 2018

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