Sunday, August 5, 2018

Engine woes for Northern Expedition make for cancelled sailings for Haida Gwaii, with rerouted scheduling for BC Ferries

Engine problems for the Northern Expedition have taken the vessel 
out of service this long weekend, and with it, 
the cancellation of all sailings to Haida Gwaii until Tuesday

Note: the scheduled departure of 10:30 AM was delayed owing to a Police incident in Prince Rupert.

BC Ferries is suffering a mechanical issue on the Northern Expedition over one of the busiest weekends of the summer and that is having a major impact on sailings out of Prince Rupert, both to and from Haida Gwaii, as well as to the Central Coast.

On its most recent journey, The Northern Expedition developed engine problems near Klemtu on its transit to Prince Rupert, as a result the vessel has since been taken out of service for repairs.

With that, the Northern Adventure has been taken off the Prince Rupert to Skidegate run and instead has now been put into service on the Prince Rupert to Bella Bella segment of the southern route. 

The vessel called into service for a round trip to the Central Coast, with the Northern Adventure set to return to Prince Rupert at 11 PM on Monday evening.

BC Ferries Service Notice for Central Coast Service
(click to enlarge)

As BC Ferries looks to use the Northern Adventure to address the situation, sailings to and from Haida Gwaii have been cancelled until Tuesday, when the first post long weekend sailing will take place at 6 AM.

BC Ferries Service Notice for Haida Gwaii cancellations/scheduling
(click to enlarge)

Updates on the situation can be found from the BC Ferries website

The most recent problems for BC Ferries won't do much to build up their relationship with residents and travellers that live on, or are visiting Haida Gwaill.

Earlier this week we noted that the issue of service by BC Ferries has continued to be an ongoing concern for residents of the Islands, this weekend's problems most likely won't do much to reduce their frustrations with the Ferry Corporation.

For more notes related to Ferry Service on the North Coast see our archive page here.

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