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Latest stats indicate that Crime Severity Index has spiked upwards for Prince Rupert; while Terrace continues to top the British Columbia List

When it comes to crime in Prince Rupert, suspects of criminal behaviour may tell the odd fib to members of the local detachment of the RCMP, but when it comes to the overall picture of crime, the numbers don't lie ... Crime is on the uptick in the city.

The latest review of the Crime Severity Index from Statistics Canada indicates that the mean streets of Prince Rupert became a little meaner in 2017, with the Prince Rupert City detachment finding almost a thirteen percent increase on the CSI listings from this time last year.

The Statistics Canada Review charts those findings over the course of the last five years, from the release of the most recent data, the Overall Crime Severity Index of 139.14 has brought Prince Rupert back to levels from 2013, the numbers not as bad as those found in 2014 and 2015, but making for an increase from the significant dip of last year.

When it comes to the review of violent crime, Prince Rupert saw an 80 percent increase from its 2016 totals.

In 2016, the CSI index was listed at 130.89, one year later the number has jumped to 239.79.

Things did improve for the city in there area of  Non-violent crime, with the 2016 numbers providing for  a drop of near fifteen percent between this year and last.

In 2016 The Non Violent Crime Severity Index was noted at 120.32, while this years numbers deliver a lower result of 102.61

The Statistics Canada review of the
Crime Severity Index for Prince Rupert

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Among the notable listings among the review of incidents that make up the statistical overview include:

Violent Crimes

Homicides - 2

Sexual Assault - 19  ( 2% decrease from 2016, lowest in five years)
Sexual Assault/Children - 5
Sexual Interference Children - 5
Incest -

Assault with weapon - 57
Assault - 243

Assault on Peace Officer - 15

Robbery - 16 (increase of 135%)

Forcible Confinement - 5

Extortion - 1
Criminal Harassment - 9  
Uttering Threats - 42
Indecent/Harassing Communication - 27

 Property Crimes/Other

Overall Property Crime  - 756 ( 7% decrease, from listing of 835 in 2016)

Break and Enter - 36 (9 % increase)
Trespass at Night - 7
Utter Threats to property or animal - 3

Possession of Stolen Property - 5
Theft of Motor Vehicles  - 7
Theft of Non Motor Vehicle - 3

Theft over 5,000 -- 2
Theft over 5,000 from Motor Vehicle - 1

Theft under 5,000 - 203
Theft under 5,000 from vehicle - 24 (60% decrease)

Shoplifting - 79 (17% increase)

Fraud - 37
Identity Fraud - 6

Mischief - 453 (decrease of 7%)
Indecent Acts  - 3
Public Morals  - 1
Wilful and forbidden acts in respect to certain property - 2

Arson - 6

Weapons Violations - 7
Possession of Weapons - 6
Unsafe Storage of Firearms - 1
Firearms Act - 1

Possession/Accessing Child Pornography - 4
Making or Distribution of Child Pornography - 10

Disturbing the Peace  - 360 (52% decrease)
Failure to comply with order - 113
Escape or help to escape from lawful custody - 1
Fail to Appear  - 5
Breach of Probation - 81 (120% increase)
Obstructing Public or Peace Officer - 11

Offences against person and reputation - 1

Total Impaired Driving  - 47 (decrease of 40%)
Failure to province breath sample - 5

Dangerous Operation of Motor Vehicle, vessel or aircraft  - 2
Driving while prohibited  - 3

Total Drug Violations - 81 (decrease of 24 % from 2016)

Other Federal Statutes - 2

Figures related to Youth Crime in the community were not available as a stand alone total for the five year period of the release, though each individual incident listing does feature a breakdown between adult and youth.

Among some of the more intriguing entries from the full Stats Canada review, Rupertites will be relieved to know, that no one advocated genocide in 2017, nor were there any terrorist related activities in the community last year.

As well if there are illegal gambling houses in the city, they're flying under the radar, with no incidents listed for 2017, the same holds true for prostitution and the operation of bawdy houses.

However, someone, somewhere violated the Canada Shipping Act once in the year just past, though that is a marked decrease from 2015 however, when 14 incidents were reported.

You can review the breakdown by crime from the Prince Rupert City Detachment here.

The Prince Rupert Rural Detachment listings, for incidents outside of the municipal area, show a decrease from one year ago.

Crime Severity Index - 88.93 (5% decrease from 2016)
Violent Crime Severity Index - 75.45 (less than 1% increase from 2016)
Non Violent Crime Severity Index - 93.57 (6% decline from 2016)

For the rest of the Northwest, Terrace however, once again takes the infamous title for Crime Severity in British Columbia.

Terrace has the highest Crime Severity Index for British Columbia
Click above to view the Ten communities at the top of the list

The Terrace numbers look as follows:
Crime Severity Index - 143.58 ( 146.33 in 2016)
Violent Crime Severity Index - 162.08 (23% increase from 131.19 of 2016)
Non Violent Crime Severity Index - 136.59  (Decrease from 151.43 of 2016)

The Statistics Canada review for the remainder of the Northwest and Haida Gwaii delivers these results.

Crime Severity Index - 97.86 ( Decrease of 20% from 121.83 of 2016)
Violent Crime Severity Index - 117.71 (Decrease of 12% from 134.18 of 2016)
Non Violent Crime Severity Index - 90.49 (Decrease of 23% from 117.10 of 2016)


Crime Severity Index - 79.52 (10 % increase from 2016)
Violent Crime Severity - 118.98 (45% increase from 81.98 of 2016)
Non Violent Crime Severity Index - 65.14 (4% decrease from 2016)

Queen Charlotte Islands are somewhat more peaceful that the most of the mainland, with both Masset and Queen Charlotte City finding their index number at or below the 100 mark.

Crime Severity Index - 100.17 (10% increase from 2016)
Violent Crime Security Index - 83.71 (31% decrease from 2016)
Non Violent Crime Severity Index - 105.85 (33% increase from 2016)

Queen Charlotte 
Crime Severity Index - 69.25 (less than 1% increase from 2016)
Violent Crime Security Index - 98.65 (23% decrease from 2016)
Non Violent Crime Severity Index - 58.51 (24% increase from 2016)

You can search for communities across British Columbia and Canada through this Search engine from the Statistics Canada website (click on  the I want to .. section)

Incident based data can be reviewed here.

As for the top spot on the Crime Severity Index, the title belongs to Stony Rapids Saskatchewan. The provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan account for seven of the ten communities at the top of the National listings can be found below:

You can review some of the case files for Emergency Responders in the Northwest from our archive page here.

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