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UBCM Talking Points 2018

It's convention season for BC municipal leaders as the province's elected officials, along with a string of BC government and opposition members prepare to take part in the UBCM convention at the Whistler Convention Centre

The theme for this years event is Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation and much of the focus will be put towards the increasing engagement between municipal government and the senior levels.

The introduction to this years convention outlines where delegates will be directing much of their attention.

As we head towards convention week, we will offer up items of interest below culled from developments from the gathering set for Whistler from September 10 to 14.

Items from the blog focused on the North Coast and related to the convention can be found in this archive listed in their own section and, highlighted in red,  our blog contributions to the theme will be marked by our blue NCR icon, allowing you to find them with a quick scan.

Items related to North Coast and Northwest involvement from other media sources will listed below in green typeface.

Notes of interest from other communities will be highlighted in orange .

A look at the Program for the Whistler event can be found here.

Other resources for the UBCM gathering include a conference briefing with updated forum information

As well you can also explore  the UBCM Book of Resolutions that will be considered during the course of the five day convention.

Readers of the blog can also find updates on information from UBCM through twitter and the  #UBCM2018  hashtag

North Coast Review notes/Prince Rupert media on UBCM 2018

September 20 -- Mayor Brain hopes for 'traction' on Port Tax Cap issue in 2019  NCR
September 19 -- UBCM Resolution Round Up NCR
September 19 -- Ridley Island Tax Issues with Port Edward remain a concern for City officials NCR
September 17 -- Premier Horgan's UBCM address highlights need to work with communities when it comes to range of issues  NCR
September 14 -- Prince Rupert's BC Commercial Fisheries resolution for UBCM gains endorsement from convention  NCR
September 13 -- Prince Rupert's Increased Operational spending, brings drop in rankings in CFIB Municipal Spending Watch; timed for UBCM release  NCR
September 13 -- Infrastructure grant funding programs come out of UBCM session Wednesday  NCR
September 12 -- Haida Gwaii officials share BC Ferry concerns with Transportation Minister Claire Trevena at UBCM  NCR
September 12 -- Climate and Sustainable energy issues make for early focus for Mayor Brain at UBCM   NCR
September 10 -- Five days of politics and networking ahead for municipal officials as UBCM convention opens today  NCR
September 7 -- Brevity of Council sessions means lost opportunities for Information sharing  NCR
August 16 -- UBCM Resolutions book ready for municipal review as September convention draws closer  NCR


From elsewhere in the Northwest

September 14 -- Premier Horgan uses LNG plant in Kitimat as example of progress
September 14 -- Premier Horgan addresses electoral reform
September 14 -- Municipalities asking for 50+ million dollars from pot sales

September 13 -- Reefer madness clouds UBCM
September 13 -- Province denies local governments ability to opt out of speculation tax
September 13 -- BC municipalities want convicted politicians removed from office
September 12 -- Provincial and Federal governments partner on new funds for small communities
September 12 -- Communities vote against open net salmon fishing in BC
September 12 -- Cell reception becomes discussion point at UBCM convention
September 12 -- Provincial government addresses speculation at UBCM convention
September 11 -- Minister of Transportation discusses ferry review with Masset Mayor
September 11 -- Provincial government partners with UBCM to increase availability of child care
September 11 -- Telus to offer cell service in Port Clements this spring
September 11 -- Housing costs steal the show during day 1 of UBCM convention
September 11 -- Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine one of 45 carbon neutral communities in BC
September 11 -- Better northwestern BC cell service wanted
September 10 -- UBCM Annual convention kicks off in Whistler Today
September 8 -- Local governments across BC to enter passenger service debate
September 4 -- Cannabis profits, electricity relief and criminal account on Terrace's UBCM agenda

August 30 -- Library support resolution to be considered next month
August 30 -- Village wants province to shoulder wildfire costs
August 29 -- Houston seeks support to expand Dungate Community Forest
August 22 -- Local governments across BC to enter passenger service debate
August 17 -- UBCM prepares 205 resolutions for meetings next month


From Around British Columbia

September 15 -- Why can't we all just get along?
September 15 -- City of Quesnel advances several agendas with provincial ministers at UBCM
September 15 -- Lake Country Middle school,  dams, Okanagan Indian Band land topics for UBCM

September 14 -- Resolution to petition to end time change passed at UBCM
September 14 -- Horgan urges Yes vote in electoral reform referendum, hints at Kitimat LNG plant
September 14 -- Moment has come to end daylight saving time in BC, officials say
September 14 -- Short-Haul busing a possible solution to Greyhound departure from Northern BC
September 14 -- District of Vanderhoof Councillor elected to UBCM executive board
September 14 -- Premier Horgan addresses delegates at UBCM
September 14 -- Horgan confident hurdles will be cleared to build Kitimat LNG terminal
September 14 -- Premier calls for ideas for protecting against BC floods, wildfires
September 14 -- City of Victoria wins environmental award for contentious bike lanes
September 14 -- BC cities vote to keep plastics out of oceans, nix single use items
September 14 -- BC's local politicians vote to keep fossil fuel efforts local
September 14 -- UBCM roundup: firefighting, opioids, disaster response, health care
September 14 -- Cannabis legalization, taxation, wildfires dominate local government convention
September 14 -- Horgan applauds Kamloops mayor for approach to wildfire crisis
September 14 -- Relief for BC renters on its way: Horgan
September 14 -- Horgan confident hurdles will be cleared to build Kitimat's LNG terminal
September 14 -- Kamloops City Councillor Arjun Singh acclaimed as new president of Union of BC Municipalities 
September 14 -- Dirty Dirt fight spawns CVRD resolution at UBCM

September 13 -- Singh acclaimed as President of UBCM
September 13 -- Open the door to short-term rentals, Airbnb tells municipal leaders
September 13 -- Communities across BC bring ideas to the table to fight social isolation
September 13 -- BC housing minister defends affordability promises in wake of 4.5% rent increase approval
September 13 -- Rent increase causes divide as BC housing minister, task force search for solutions
September 13 -- Municipalities ask province for help to deal with politicians facing criminal charges
September 13 -- City of Victoria applies for federal funding for Crystal Pool with the risk of losing $6 million Gas Tax Funds
September 13 -- BC communities call for wildfire prevention help
September 13 -- Wilkinson targets health care tax costs for municipalities
September 13 -- BC expects it will take two to three years for legal marijuana industry to 'mature'
September 13 -- Employer health, speculation taxes will put heavy strain on province: BC Liberal leader
September 13 -- Public officials shouldn't be kicked out of office for civil disobedience: UBCM
September 13 -- New funds support BC recreation, culture, rural communities

September 12 -- B.C. municipalities ask for power to opt out of speculation tax, finance minister says no
September 12 -- Municipalities vote in favour of changing BC speculation tax
September 12 -- Weaver outlines how he'd change NDP speculation tax
September 12 -- BC municipalities back Victoria's call for ban on disposable plastic packaging
September 12 -- Carole James unmoved by BC speculation tax concerns
September 12 -- Housing Minister Selina Robinson touts BC government housing programs
September 12 -- UBCM endorses Oak Bay motion to give municipal control over spec tax
September 12 -- BC cities formally call on province to replace Greyhound
September 12 -- Uber could be coming to Metro Vancouver, but on two wheels instead of four
September 12 -- Municipal leaders put pressure on provincial government to change speculation tax
September 12 -- West Kelowna mayor, council meeting with BC ministers at UBCM
September 12 -- Pot, taxes and Greyhound top issues as BC local politicians dig into policy
September 12 -- Hudson's Hope solar project wins UBCM Community Excellence Award
September 12 -- Mining association touts industry to UBCM delegates

September 11 -- Province partners with Union of BC Municipalities to create child care spaces
September 11 -- Province promises more childcare spaces for BC families
September 11 -- BC municipalities call on province to tackle real estate speculation
September 11 -- BC has four people enforcing ride-hailing ban for entire province
September 11 -- Passenger transportation board to allow taxi licensees  to increase fleets
September 11 -- Chilliwack mayor talks land ownership transparency at UBCM
September 11 -- West Kelowna meets with ministers at UBCM
September 11 -- BC municipalities call on province to tackle real estate speculation
September 11 -- Communities get provincial cash back for carbon neutrality

September 10 -- BC municipalities call on government to crack down on housing speculation
September 10 -- RCMP personnel shortage may spur closure of smaller detachments
September 10 -- UBCM opening act: how municipalities can improve relations with First Nations groups
September 10 -- BC government announces new wildfire prevention program focused on First Nations and local governments
September 10 -- UBCM convention kicks off with speculation, health taxes top of mind for municipalities
September 10 -- BC keeping purse strings tight as municipalities seek relief
September 10 -- Williams Lake Council and CRD in Whistler this week for UBCM
September 10 -- Chilliwack mayor talks Land Owner Transparency Act
September 10 -- Every municipality in British Columbia - in song 
September 10 -- Kamloops councillor poised to lead UBCM
September 10 -- Politicians set sights on housing speculation, not supply, at UBCM summit
September 10 -- Penticton council to lobby province
September 10 -- First Nations, cities both want share of coming weed taxes as BC renews reconciliation pact
September 10 -- BC to fund 100 per cent of municipalities wildfire prevention as blazes 'become fact of life'

September 9 -- Coquitlam remuneration resolution goes to UBCM
September 9 -- Councillor hopes UBCM delegates look at how elected official vote for pay hikes
September 9 -- UBCM stacks deck against salmon farming

September 7 -- Lillooet Mayor Looks to Province to reinstate Train system
September 7 -- UBCM to talk fires and floods
September 7 -- Municipalities seek 40 per cent of tax revenue from legal marijuana
September 7 -- UBCM convention goes next week in Whistler
September 7 -- Speculation tax, urban mining, cop costs among top concerns for Interior politicians
September 7 -- Local governments should get 40 per cent of BC's pot revenue: advocacy group
September 7 -- Keep pot tax local: UBCM
September 6 -- BC municipalities to mull request for 40 percent of province's share of cannabis tax revenue
September 6 -- Why OneCity thinks Big Oil should pay its fair share
September 6 -- Kamloops' mining resolution to be debated at UBCM convention
September 6 -- Summerland council to meet provincial representatives at UBCM convention
September 6 -- UBCM returns to Whistler next week
September 5 -- Vernon endorses climate action revolving fund policy and projects
September 5 -- New Westminster candidate sounds alarms about potential for record low voter turnout
September 5 -- City of Victoria pushing for BC wide ban on disposable plastic packaging
September 5 -- Water, education and wildfires topics for Lake Country at UBCM
September 5 -- CRD and City of Quesnel resolutions to be considered at UBCM convention
September 2 -- With Greyhound about to quit BC, Lillooet calls for return of passenger train service

August 30 -- Wildfires to be major issue at UBCM conference
August 30 -- Local leaders weigh in on booking proposal for Joffre Lakes Provincial Park
August 28 -- West Kelowna looks to amend development cost charges at UBCM
August 27 -- Municipalities say new B.C. employer health tax transition should be cost neutral
August 27 -- Squamish asking UBCM for help with concern about fake public hearing submissions
August 24 -- Wildfire mitigation on municipalities' minds
August 23 -- Payroll, speculation tax top municipal agenda for B.C.
August 23 -- UBCM debate may not be that healthy
August 22 -- A show of hands at UBCM on huge tax hike
August 21 -- Municipalities ask for changes to controversial BC speculation tax
August 20 -- Passenger rail service from North Vancouver to Prince George being considered
August 19 -- Pemberton wants B.C. government to consider reservation fees for some hiking trails
August 17 -- Lilloeet proposes provincial study for passenger rail line between North Van, Prince George
August 17 -- 10 topics at this year's UBCM you should know about
August 15 -- Conference resolutions reflect B.C. municipalities' cannabis concerns

Other items related to UBCM, as well as the work of provincial and municipal officials can be reviewed on our political Portal D'Arcy McGee

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