Sunday, August 12, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending August 12, 2018

Forest fires, the efforts to fight them and the evacuations and damage that they have caused dominated much of the news in the Northwest for the week for our list of five, with much of the focus for the last seven days on the continuing to evolve story out of Telegraph Creek.

Transportation issues continued to gain much attention for our readers, with the week of challenges for BC Ferries included on the list, a police incident at the Fairview Terminal that resulted in a sailing delay out of Prince Rupert.

Ridley Terminals was a the focus for two stories that attracted large interest this week, the first as the Federal government announced plans to put the coal terminal back on the For Sale market yet again, with plans of consultation with local First Nations included in their efforts.

The second item of interest related to the Coal Terminal came from an announcement that RTI is currently looking to acquire works of art from Northwest and Northern artists, with up to 50,000 dollars put aside towards their purchase plans.

And we looked at the 2018 edition of Prince Rupert's Udder Fest, which has returned for another summer. With a large number of readers exploring our notes on the comedy and improv festival which will wrap up later today at the Tom Rooney Playhouse.

However, the story which attracted the most interest through the week, was our look at the evacuation of Telegraph Creek and the reaction from communities across the region to lend assistance to those that have been forced from their homes.

Northwest First Nations contribute cash and assistance to the Telegraph Creek wildfire efforts -- Forest fires have been the story for many areas of the Northwest for much of the week, with the community of Telegraph Creek the hardest hit to this point, it's residents evacuated to a number of other communities with damage suffered to a number of structures in that area.  As the week unfolded a number of area communities offered up support, shelter and supplies  to those who had been evacuated, with a number of First Nations communities taking the lead in lending their support. For updated information on the current fire situation across the Northwest see our archive page here.     (posted August 8, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Police incident at BC Ferries Fairview Terminal has Northern Adventure holding at dock  -- A frustrating weekend for travellers on BC Ferries found one more situation to deal with beyond delayed schedules and out of commission vessels, as the Prince Rupert RCMP attended to an incident at the Fairview Terminal (posted August 5, 2018 )

Ridley Terminals goes back on the market -- The Federal government is once again looking to sell one of Prince Rupert's largest employers, with Ridley Terminals back on the market, that latest in what we noted is a long list of attempts to sell the coal terminal on Ridley Island. (posted August 9, 2018)

Ridley Terminals on the search for Northwest and Northern BC Art opportunities  -- RTI also attracted some significant interest this week with an announcement of a call for art work from across the Northwest and Northern British Columbia, providing artists with a chance to sell their works to the industrial fixture on the North Coast.  (posted August 7, 2018)

Five Days of Udder Fest launch Wednesday -- Prince Rupert's popular summer improv and comedy festival Udder Fest got underway earlier this week, with a full schedule of events that took it into the weekend, today marks the final day for the performances, with three shows scheduled starting at 1 PM. (posted August 7, 2018)

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