Friday, August 10, 2018

Nelson Kinney Lung Clinic fundraising gets 1,000 dollar boost

Organizers of a fundraising drive to help put in place the Nelson Kinney Lung Clinic are 1,000 dollars closer to their goal, that after two Prince Rupert youth, their family and friends came together to raise the cash to put towards the local initiative.

The North Coast Health Improvement Society shared the details of how James and Katie Ryeburn organized the fundraising effort, which came through BBQs at Save-On-Foods.

The clinic, which is to be named after the Prince Rupert City Council member who passed away in March of this year, will provide counselling and assistance to those in the region who have respiratory issues.

A respiratory therapist is to be part of the services that will be provided to the community once the clinic opens.

While there has been no update as of yet as to how close to their 20,000 dollar goal that organizers are, they are sure to be getting close, with a flurry of activity when it comes to donations in recent weeks.

Last month we noted that City Council members voted to donate the unused honorarium for Councillor Kinney from his work on Council, with the funds which will total just over $8,200 to be put towards the fundraising efforts for the clinic.

Council members noted at the time that the clinic will be a fitting memorial to the memory of the long serving council member and his work in the community.

In addition to the North Coast Health Improvement Society, Judy Fraser is also collecting donations towards the clinic, you can choose your path towards a donation from the notes below:

North Coast Health Improvement Society at Box 326 (Prince Rupert BC V8J 3P9) designating the donation as the Nelson Kinney Lung Memorial Clinic.

Or send donations to Judy Fraser at judy."

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