Thursday, June 15, 2023

Advertising and Endorsements for local establishments a theme from Monday's Council Session


Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven may be the one on Council in the advertising business, the councillor recently named to a media sales post at the local paper

But, when it comes to the celebrity endorsement, the go to guy on Council has to be Councillor Wade Niesh.

On Monday, Mr. Niesh did more pre-promotion work for two local establishments than any major media campaign could ever deliver.

The City Councillor was Orson Welles like in his pitches for both Port City Spirits and the new location for the Wheelhouse in the City owned heritage building on the waterfront.

We covered much of the Port City Spirits themes yesterday with this piece, the main takeaway from the Councillor coming from his closing commentary for the establishments liquor licence referral.

"You know this is what we're trying to do, we're trying to rebuild our downtown and we need people and businesses to do it and I'm supportive of business that are wanting to make Prince Rupert a better experience.

Because you know I was walking around downtown one day during a cruise ship and there's people with a map, looking around and they were going this is kind of boring and that's not what I want to hear.

I want people to use different businesses and go to these different places and have a good experience and I think that  this operation is not a typical you know drinking establishment where you know maybe one would watch a stripper at 12 o'clock during the day and encourage people to you know drink heavily during the day.  

So I feel this offering a good experience for people wanting to come off a cruise ship and I feel that the local people that will be using this facility will be in full enjoyment of it and I fully support it"  -- Councillor Wade Niesh 

Towards the end of the Monday council session, the Councillor made note of the (very soon) to open Wheelhouse Brewing Company location on the waterfront.  

Sharing some of his observations from a recent event hosted by the Brewery to celebrate those who helped move they initiative forward.

"As it was mentioned about the Wheelhouse there, I just thought I would mention that too, I attended it wasn't really a soft opening, but kind of a thank you to everyone who was involved in making that project go ahead.

And being in that building and seeing it come to life again was awesome, I'm so glad that we got to see it.

And last night I was actually down at the Waterfront and looked at it when it was all lit up, it was getting dark out and it was all lit with all the new lights on that building and it's so much better than plywood.

And I just hope we can continue that throughout our community and start revitalizing everything.

You know that's an asset that is owned by all taxpayers in this community and it's amazing on what it looks like now and I hope  everyone goes and supports that business so that it thrives in that location for many years"   -- Councillor Wade Niesh 

As for the two businesses receiving the shout outs and the nudges for patrons to their doors, there's no set opening day yet for Port City Spirits, while the Wheelhouse has noted on Social media of their opening today. 

The local brewery also has a Big Community event planned for this Saturday evening at their new location.

While the Councillor was celebrating the new social gathering options for residents, some previous work by council this spring may reduce some of the spending power for those patrons.

With a 12.5 per cent tax call coming due on July 4th some in the community may have a wee bit less disposable income at their use and may have to curtail some of the family social budget to meet civic obligations.

The twin testimonials can be found from the 1 hour mark and 1 hour 41 minute marks from Monday's Council Video archive.

More notes from the Monday Council session can be reviewed here.

Our archive of themes from the business sector is available here.


  1. Wade there is more than one restaurant in Rupert. Start naming others. To show favour is not what I would expect from a councilor!

    1. First of all, the fact that you think an endorsement at a council meeting drives any business is hilarious. Like 20 people actually watch those affairs. Second, he was speaking about a liquor license on one topic and one topic on a civic infrastructure project. No favourites being shown at all. Try getting angry about something actually meaningful

    2. The council members are exercising statutory powers and, whatever they may actually think, they should avoid statements that may give an apprehension of bias.

  2. A lot of businesses liquor/food establishments pay taxes to the city of Prince Rupert. If you can't figure out Wade was in the wrong, I don't want you on my team. Fairness is all part of the game.

    1. In your world, every pub should get a shout out when another applies for a liquor license amendment? Ludicrousness

    2. The statement mentions the fact that taxpayers should support it because the city owns the property. Wade has no shame.

    3. No pub should get a shout out when it or another applies for or receives a liquor license. The council members should remain at arms length and the City should simply communicate the decision without giving the impression that there is favouritism or a conflict of interest behind the scenes.

    4. Very true, or it might look like there's been a backhander of some kind.

    5. Here we go again with anonymous accusations. If you really truly feel there has been a conflict you should report it to the city or ombudsperson rather than complain endlessly into the digital void.

      But we all know you won’t, because your name has to be attached to making it official