Wednesday, June 28, 2023

ILWU serves 72 hour strike notice to BC Maritime Employers Association


The Port of Prince Rupert and other BC ports could see picket lines in place
on Canada Dayas the ILWU issues a 72 hour strike notice to the BCMEA which
represent terminal employers across BC

The clock has started to tick down towards what could be a shut down of port facilities along the BC coastline; that  as the International Longshore and Warehouse Union acts on its strike mandate from membership and issues a 72 hour strike notice.

The ILWU delivering their notice this morning to the BCEMA which represents Port operators, the union advising that unless the Port operators 'get serious about negotiating with the union' that workers are prepared to walk off the job at 8 AM on Canada Day

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Rob Ashton, the President of ILWU Canada, provided some detailed notes for the membership that outlined why the union has taken this next step towards the negotiations that began earlier this year,

Unfortunately, the ILWU Canada Bargaining Committee has run out options at the bargaining table because the BCMEA and their member employers have refused to negotiate on the main issues, and we feel we are left with no choice but to take the next step in the process. 

Therefore, at 8:00am on June 28, 2023, ILWU Canada issued 72-hour strike notice to the BCMEA. Longshore Workers are prepared to walk off the job at 8:00am on July 1, 2023.

The full statement which you can review here, notes of the three main objectives for the ILWU when it comes to the current dispute with the BCMEA.

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The BCMEA responded to the formal strike notice with a Statement of their own, noting that the Grain industry shipments won't be impacted by any labour dispute, as well as that the BCMEA is seeking some certainty for the Cruise industry port calls in BC.

The employers association expressed its regret at the step taken today by the ILWU.

Despite today’s regrettable development, we remain ready to re-engage with our labour partners through the federal mediation process, with the desire of reaching a fair and balanced deal at the table that keeps our ports stable and goods flowing for Canadians. 

We continue to be open to any solution that brings both Parties to a balanced agreement. That includes voluntarily entering a mediation-arbitration process shaped by the parties that encourages continued dialogue and negotiations and only, if necessary, provides for a binding outcome via interest arbitration. 

So far, ILWU Canada has declined this binding mediation & arbitration proposal.

The BCMEA statement which you can review here,  notes that both parties are schedule to continue with their bargaining with the assistant of a Federal mediator on Thursday.

The Federal Government also responded to the developments with a joint statement from Labour Minister O'Regan and Transport Minister Alghabra, their comments noting that mediators from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation service will continue to support negotiations until an agreement is reached.

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More notes related to the pace of negotiations through the Spring and now into summer can be reviewed from our Archive page here

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  1. But wait……. the anonymous comments section here claimed this was basically a done deal since the US side figured it out. What happened?