Thursday, June 22, 2023

Coast Mountain College seeks Housing Advisors for 2023-24

For students attending Coast Mountain College campus locations across the Northwest, Housing is perhaps the largest challenge, with rents high and reasonable accommodation space hard to find.

The prospect of accommodation has been made somewhat easier in Terrace than elsewhere in the region,  that thanks to the recently opened expanded housing options available at the main campus for CMTN.

However, for students who are pursuing their education in Prince Rupert, the quest for affordable and liveable accommodation is one that likely consumes a fair bit of time and frustration for those new to the community.

We've often noted in the past the long desired provision of college housing in the community, a project that seems to be constantly one of study and reported discussion, but little in the way of construction.

The topic of campus housing in Prince Rupert is also one that has not seen an update on progress for a few years now.

For the next school year of 2023-24, Coast Mountain College is looking to help provide for some leadership for those living on Campus at the Terrace facility.

The college is currently accepting applications for the position of Housing Advisors.

Housing Advisors are full-time CMTN students responsibility is to make sure that each and every person in the community has a positive housing experience. They are trained to facilitate events and activities to help students meet new people and to build a strong community.

The full scope of what Coast Mountain College is looking for from their applicants can be reviewed here.

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