Friday, June 16, 2023

Results of successful US port negotiations should spur on dialogue for ILWU/BCMEA

Labour Peace is imminent for Ports along the
US West Coast

Port workers at Americans ports and terminals from Bellingham to San Diego have  reached a tentative deal contract with their employers, that after a near one year long labour dispute.

The deal announce yesterday, between the ILWU in America and the Pacific Maritime Association brings a six year contract for all 29 West Coast ports in the US,. 

The deal reached through the assistance of Acting US Secretary of Labour Julie Su is reported by the Washington Post to include a wage increase of 8 to 10 percent for the first year.  No other details related to the negotiations were released.

That deal now heads to the American ILWU for ratification.

The statement from the USA of the completion of successful
labour negotiations between the ILWU and Pacific Coast employers
at ports from Washington state to California 

The labour peace for the US ports will likely make for a bit more focus now for  the current negotiations taking place in British Columbia between the ILWU and the BCMEA and could help to move negotiations forward to a hopeful successful conclusion.

As we noted earlier this week, ILWU workers in BC last weekend provided their negotiators with a 99.24 percent affirmative vote towards potential strike action if called on by union leaders.

That has reset the clock with a bit more urgency for negotiations, with the next date to watch that of  June 24th when the first indication of either a strike or lock out would be up for delivery, 

If so any action could come 72 hours after such notification.

There have been no updates for the public from either the ILWU or BCMEA since the strike vote retests were released.

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