Tuesday, June 20, 2023

City Ramps up calls for vehicles for Derelict Vehicle Removal Program

The city is highlighting a program it hosts towards recycling vehicles in the community, with the City's bylaw office the place to go for information on the Derelict Vehicle Removal Program.

The call for aging, rusting cars in backyards, side lawns or other areas the focus for a social media advisory issued by the City on Monday.

The City's notes advising of the low cost of 70 dollars per vehicle and what you need to do to be rid of your home area eyesore.

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The topic of derelict vehicles around the community has made for some council discussion themes in past years, that as Council members field calls related to the cars or discover them on their tours around the city.

You can contact the Bylaw Office at City Hall at 250-624-6852 or by email at bylaw@princerupert.ca

Some background on what the Bylaw Office is responsible towards is available here

More notes on Civic themes can be reviewed from our Council Discussion archives.

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  1. It would be nice if the city would remove derelict vehicles from the city streets. Note to city the industrial park is considered Prince Rupert.