Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Click all you want on the reservation link, Seat A14 at the Lester Centre is Forever Reserved ...

For patrons of the Lester Centre of the Arts, there's one seat where you can ask all you want, but you won't be able to sit ... A 14 ... forever reserved for ... well, we'll let Chris Armstrong the General Manager of Prince Rupert's Lester Centre tell the story ...

The question naturally arises: is the Lester Centre haunted? 

The answer is, yes, of course it is. It’s a theatre after all. I’ve had some personal experience with this, when one night there were doors open that I’m sure I didn’t open myself. I’m not too sure who the ghost is, but I like to think he/she is a friendly ghoul. 

After one night when it seemed I was being followed around the hallways, I decided to copy the Palace Theatre and keep one seat – A14 specifically – down after each performance. 

After a while, this seat stayed down without me touching it, and all the other seats in the theatre were up. If that’s not evidence of a ghost, I don’t know what is.

The full story of the special guest of the Lester Centre and the history of reserving one seat for the artistic spirits of the past is recounted on the Lester Centre blog.

As he notes, Armstrong is making sure that the one particular guest will always have a seat, and actually you can have one too, to take home if you wish that as the Lester Centre Seat Sale continues on.

An update this month provided news that the seat replacement program at the City's Centre of the Performing Arts has passed the 30,000 dollar mark.

We outlined the focus for the program back in January, when the details of the project were announced. 

You can learn more about the "Seat Sale" here.

Follow the Lester Centre of the Arts Social Media Stream for updates through the summer.

More notes on the Arts in Prince Rupert can be reviewed from our archive page.

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