Friday, June 23, 2023

Foggy start to Friday ... gives way to day of Sunshine for Prince Rupert

The tallest building in Prince Rupert was shrouded in fog 
early Friday AM with the Sun peeking around the side of 
the Highliner Plaza Hotel

For early risers or those heading off to work, Friday morning brought the fog horns as layer of marine air settled over the city overnight, making for limited visibility for those navigating the city's streets this morning. 

The fog shrouding many of the city's features is fuzzy grey haze until the Sun did its work to burn off the curtain overhead.

The fog meant a slower transit to Prince Rupert for the Ruby Princess which arrived shortly after 7:30 and as it tied up, the Sun had started its work on fog remediation.

By 8 AM the east side of the City was in the clear  the sun clearing the way at the Salt Marsh, while the City's Seal Cove Seaplanes started their warmup for the scheduled flights of the day ahead.

Enjoy the conditions for today and tomorrow, for Environment Canada notes of a change to come for the week ahead leading up to Canada Day.

More notes on community can be reviewed here.

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