Monday, June 26, 2023

City Council to gain update on RCMP work in community as part of tonight's Council session

Sergeant Gerry Walker of the Prince Rupert RCMP
at his 2022 presentation to Council

The work of the RCMP in Prince Rupert is the likely theme for a presentation from the Detachment Commander Sergeant Gerry Walker tonight, the head of the Detachment the first one up for a busy night of Reports and Presentations.

It's been a bit over a year since the Sergeant last appeared at City Council, that upon his arrival in the city to take on his new duties following a transfer from Alberta.

With a full year under his belt now, Council may be interested to hear of the state of policing in the city and what challenges the detachments members face in their day to day duties.

The City's Annual Report, which will also be presented tonight, offered a snapshot of some of the work of the RCMP in 2022, with over 9000 calls for service received at the detachment.

One item of interest that may make for a question or two from the Council members is the work on policing in the downtown core, the growing list of boarded up windows a testimony to some unsocial activity in the core.

Prince Rupert RCMP executed warrants on a downtown
business establishment last week

As well, the Detachment Commander may shed more information on the recent police action on Third Avene which saw a local business shut down and a range of charges pending related to what allegedly took place within the establishment.

City Council members may also offer up an update on progress towards what is known as the Situation Table concept towards Prince Rupert Policing themes. 

The Sergeant's Presentation and any Questions from Council make for the first item of the night as part of the Committee of the Whole Agenda

You can review some of the work of the Prince Rupert Detachment from our Archive pages here.

A preview of tonight's City Council Session can be explored here.

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