Sunday, June 18, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending June 18, 2023

One of the most talked about blocks in the downtown core and a place that has become much of an urban blight may soon get some attention.

Our notes related to an update from the Mayor on the fate for the site of the long burned down Belmont Hotel was by far our most read item of the week.  

And perhaps one of our most read items ever, with the prospect of demolition said to be looming.

The Mayor's notes on the Belmont,  by far outpaced the rest of the items for the week, but those too found some strong readership to round out our list of five.

Other areas that captured much attention, the city's bylaw officer gaining provincial recognition, some tourism funding for local tourism initiatives, the tragic violence from Silversides Drive this week and a plan from the City to take money from one popular project to conduct a study on the status of the pathway connection between 4th Ave West and Third West.

The top story of the week however, takes us to the heart of Third West and the rubble of the former Belmont Hotel.
Belmont Hotel Demolition could be on the horizon -- Some news from the end of Monday's City Council session caught our ear, and our report on it the eyes of our readers. With Mayor Herb Pond and Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller indicating that the demolition of the Belmont Hotel may soon be at hand. Though by Friday there were few indications that the work was imminent. Mr. Pond also had an update on the state of the downtown and the windows of plywood, indicating that the issue was a shortage of glaziers over glass, or any lack of will to replace the windows.     (posted June 14, 2023

That article was followed by: 

Prince Rupert Bylaw officer named Best in Bylaw enforcement in British Columbia for 2023 -- Some other news came out of the Monday Council session, with Councillor Nick Adey saluting the work of City Bylaw Officer Jeff Easingwood, who gained provincial recognition for his service to community,  (posted  June 15, 2023)

Funding for three Prince Rupert tourism attractions announced --  The Northern British Columbia Tourism Association divided up some significant funding for a number of Northwest tourism providers, for Prince Rupert that meant accessibility funding for the Museum of Northern BC, Olde Time Trolleys and Bob's on the Rocks  (posted June 16, 2023

Homicide investigation underway in Prince Rupert from Tuesday evening incident on city's east side -- A tragic scene was relayed by Prince Rupert RCMP this week, advising of four homicides in a home on Silversides Drive, the incident one which did not have the community in any danger. By week's end there had been no further updates provided as to the progress of the investigation. The incident was one which generated headlines far beyond Prince Rupert, picked up by regional, provincial and national news providers.     (posted June 14, 2023

City staff to recommend using Odd Eidsvik park budget for study on 4th West pathway -- Monday morning we relayed notes from a report from Operations Manager Richard Pucci related to the need for a study on the Pathway and stairs between 4th Avenue West and Third Avenue West.  The main recommendation, that of using some of the money planned for the Odd Eidsvik Park on Atlin for the study on the pathway.  Following a verbal report Monday night and some discussion, City Council accepted that recommendation.   More notes from Monday's Council Session can be reviewed here.   (posted June 12, 2023

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