Monday, June 26, 2023

Slight up tick for City Council members salaries from 2022 Statement of Financial Information

City Council members will receive the 2022 Statement Of Financial
Information   report
 at Tonight's  council session

The 2022 SOFI report on Council remuneration was released on Friday and makes for part of the Agenda for tonight's Council session, the document reflecting the salaries and expenses for the current council members in 2023, and those who stepped away from the elected ranks following the Municipal election of November 2022.

Further documentation as part of the Statement Of Financial Information release includes, the annual statements lists of the salaries paid out by the City for those employees making $75,000 dollars or more in compensation.

The documents provided by CFO Corinne Bomben also review spending on goods or services for the year ending December 2022.

As well as a range of Financial Statement and Auditor's review.

The 2022 findings provide for a total salary, benefits and expenses level for the Mayor and six council members of $236,767 up a bit from last years total of $215,982.

Former Mayor Lee Brain leads the salary listings for the elected officials, his remuneration and taxable benefits for civic duties listed at $75,870, Mr. Brain also recorded $5,571 in expenses in 2022. 

When combined his Remuneration, Benefits and Expenses for 2022 come to $81,441

In addition to his Income derived from the City of Prince Rupert, Mr. Brain was also compensated for his work as part of Regional District, those fiscal results from the NCRD have yet to be announced.

Current Mayor Herb Pond, who took office following the fall election of 2022, received 11,727 dollars for his work to the end of the year.  He claimed 207 dollars in expenses to December 31st.

Like the former Mayor was, Mr. Pond is on the North Coast Regional District Board for which he receives additional compensation.

Mayor Herb Pond's salary earnings will pick up significantly
as he completes his first year of his four year term
at the end of 2023
(Photo from City of PR website)

When it comes to the city's six Council members, those who returned to office in the fall received $21,762, compensation, that made for increases for each of 290 dollars, as per the new salary structure put in place for council members.a few years ago.

Councillor Blair Mirau who stepped out of the council spotlight in the fall received 18,381 dollars for his work in 2022, claiming 3,109 dollars in expenses. That made for a combined total of 21,850 dollars for his work in 2022.

In addition to Mr. Mirau, three returning Council members claimed expenses for 2022, while three council members did not file any expense numbers.

The full list of the Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expenses is below:


Current Council membership 

Nick Adey (All Totals -- $21,762)

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $21,762 -- Expenses $0

Barry Cunningham (All Totals -- $25,803)

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $21,762 -- Expenses  $4,041

Teresa Forster (All Totals - $2,932) -- 

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $2,932 -- Expenses  $0

Reid Skelton Morven (All Totals -- $24,792)

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $21,762 -- Expenses $3,030

Wade Neish (All Totals -- $24,491)

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $21,762 -- Expenses $2,729

Gurvinder Randhawa (All Totals -- $21,762)

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $21,762 -- Expenses $0

Former City Council member

Blair Mirau (All Totals -- $21,850)

City of Prince Rupert remuneration $18,831  -- Expenses $3,019


As they have in year's past, the City of Prince Rupert does not provide for an expanded or detailed review of the expenses incurred by elected civic officials, using the lump sum totals of the SOFI report towards what is their full disclosure.

Your first glimpse of the SOFI information for 2022 can be reviewed from the Agenda for tonight's City Council session,  the full compilation of notes for the session can be found starting on page 115.

The SOFI documentation will be received following tonight's City Council session which starts at 7PM, once received by Council the SOFI statement will be included as part of the complete package of financial information available on the City's Website.

You can also review the salary data for the last twelve years from those archives.

The Salary and Expense review is just one of a number of elements from the SOFI report, as we work our way through the volume of information we'll provide for our overview of the city's notes below:

Cost of Work on Infrastructure and that of supplies and Services surged in 2022 

SOFI report shows one million dollar increase to civic payroll totals for 2022 

More items of note on the City's Budget process can be reviewed here, while our archive of articles on past City Council Discussion themes can be found here


  1. May we your loyal readers ask why no similar analysis was not done of the PRPA’s recent public audited financials of executive pay increases?

  2. Well loyal readers and those seemingly not so, probably have read the answer from replies to your past screeds to that topi., So we'll leave that for you to research. Doubtful that your narrative changes mind you if past is prologue. NCR

  3. And what about a similar analysis for the City's wholly-owned company CityWest? Oh right, I forgot, they don't disclose such information.