Thursday, June 29, 2023

Downtown Crab Trap Parking lot said to have short lifespan

The empty lot between the rear of CityWest and Second Avenue West
became a storage centre for crab traps on Wednesday, though its seemingly
going to be a temporary storage location according to civic officials

What was apparently a surprise Pop Up collection of crab traps, stored on a lot at the corner of Second Avenue West and Third Street have been ordered removed.

The location which is a lot owned by the Metlakatla First Nation, last year was home to a public garden project hosted by EcoTrust Canada. It quickly started to fill up with the crab traps over the course of Wednesday, making for a lively social media topic for much of the evening.

The new use making for another unique Prince Rupert Tourist attraction, complete with one of the most recognizable smells of the crab fishery adding to the authenticity of it all.

Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond used his own social media platform to note of the situation and the actions that were being taken towards, though the comments for his feed provided some instant analysis of the topic.

City Councillor Reid-Skelton Morven also spoke to the topic through his social media stream yesterday.

The collection likely made for a interesting conversation topic for those travelling aboard the Seabourn Odyssey which had made a port call in the city on Wednesday.

A quick drive by of the location this morning showed that as of 8AM the lot was still more Crab Trap storage depot than vacant property. 

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  1. The rubble from a fire is not supposed to be left as is with no clean-up for over a year. That is still on going.
    Herb why act on the crab traps and not on the Belmont?