Friday, June 16, 2023

RCMP investigation into Silversides homicides continues, as local officials offer comfort to community

The members of the Prince Rupert RCMP and the North District Major Crimes unit continue their investigation into the tragic circumstances of the what the RCMP have listed as homicides that took place in the evening of Tuesday, June 13th and since their original statement of Wednesday to the public there have been no other comments to relay.

For the community, the shift in the discussion of what happened on the city's east side has fallen to local officials, with Mayor Herb Pond making his first public comments through the CBC's Daybreak North morning program on Thursday morning.

The Mayor noting of how such incidents have a significant impact on small communities as ours, the Mayor no doubt aware of the level of speculation being heard around the city, reminded residents of Prince Rupert that the nature of the RCMP statement notes of no danger to the community.

Mr Pond, also shared notes on the support the community is receding from other Northwest communities. 

As well through Social Media,  the Mayor shared a reminder with Prince Rupert residents of the services available through North Coast Transition Society.

Also speaking to the events of Tuesday evening has been MLA Jennifer Rice who noted that the community had been through a similar shock last year and again the community would  be resilient and hold each other up.

The tragedy of Tuesday night has also put the city into the provincial and national news roll, with what is known of the incident making for news stories for print, radio and television outlets

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