Thursday, June 15, 2023

Prince Rupert Port Authority Annual Public Meeting this evening, to follow lead of Annual Report with focus on Partnerships

The annual overview of past performance and future ambitions for the Prince Rupert Port Authority comes this evening at 5PM at the Crest Hotel with the Port hosting their 2023 Annual Public Meeting an event that comes with a companion piece for those at home with a copy of the short form 2022 Annual Report.

The document which is landing in many mailboxes  across the region today, perhaps telegraphs a bit of what we may hear from Port President and CEO Shaun Stevenson and Board Chair Frans Tjallingii when they open the proceedings at the Crest. 

With the companion print project noting of the Supply Chain challenges that brought reduced cargo volumes to the Port in 2022.

The main theme one of continuing on with and increasing on the diversification of the Port complex, that to create a sustainable and resilient gateway for trade.

From the PRPA Home mailer arriving  in mailboxes today
(click to enlarge)

The public session this evening will feature the Board Chair, Port CEO and President as well as overview from the Finance Office in much the same fashion as years past.

The one hour or so a period which bring financial and statistical reviews, as well as updates on the progress of current and future development projects for the Port footprint across the Prince Rupert shoreline, along with local notes related to community.

The full booklet coming to your home offers a range of port related material to explore, some of which will be included as part of the presentation today at the Crest Hotel.

The one hour session this evening will also include time for questions for port officials from the audience on hand and from written submissions through the week. 

For those that can't attend the APM in person, the event will be recorded, with the Port planning to release it Friday,  through their APM Page on the website.

The  online version of the Annual Report Document  can be accessed from this link.

More notes on previous Port themes can be explored through our archive page.


  1. The “Port of Partnerships” line rings hollow given the impending longshore strike + their refusal to pay a fair amount of PILT + being found 1 of the 10 least efficient ports in the world

    1. Longshoremen settled state side, settlement is inevitable north of the border.
      It’s up to the city to dispute PILT, just like homeowners disputing assessments.
      That report is smoke and doesn’t factor in trans pacific congestion
      Keep trolling bub

    2. Someone just got triggered!