Thursday, June 22, 2023

City of Prince Rupert gains 93,000 dollars in funding for emergency preparation use

Reducing risk  from future disaster related natural hazards and the impact of climate change is the focus today for a funding announcement from the BC government which will see the City of Prince Rupert receive 93,000 dollars towards its preparation planning.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice observed on the importance of that preparation as part of today's funding announcement.

“From heat waves to flooding, to sea level rise and shoreline erosion, people are feeling the impacts of
climate change and are eager for action to protect our communities and prepare for the future. We know how important it is to make these preparations today with local governments, so they have the capacity to respond. With this funding, Prince Rupert will be more prepared in the face of emergencies and have more resources to keep people safe.”

In total, approximately 2.3 million dollars was allocated to local governments and First Nations. today, part of the provinces Climate Risk Reduction-Climate Adaptation stream.

George Heyman, the Minister of Environment and Climate Action Strategy highlighted how the provincial funding comes as communities deal with the impacts of climate related events.

“B.C. is helping prepare communities for the climate impacts that are already happening and will continue to happen. These critical investments in response to climate change will improve our systems, behaviour and infrastructure to better prepare and protect our communities and natural environment from harmful impacts.”

The announcement  today which you can review here,  indicates that the Prince Rupert funding will be put towards a Resilience  Climate Adaptation Plan.

In April of this year, the City's Planning Manager, Myfannwy Pope provided an outline on what their Climate Plan  program would look like as it continues to evolve.

More notes on themes from the Legislature can be reviewed here.

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