Thursday, June 29, 2023

City owned Cow Bay Area land put up for disposition at price of $154,000

Some city owned property along First Avenue West overlooking the existing Cow Bay Parking  area has been put up for sale by the City of Prince Rupert

The market price of the property in question is listed as $154,000.

The Notice of Disposition of Municipal lands posted yesterday to the City of Prince Rupert website, the City's Social Media stream, as well as appearing in print in the local paper.

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The city had foreshadowed the Disposition notice earlier this week, as part of an announcement towards the creation of a new gravel parking lot on George Hills Way.  As part of that announcement it was noted that some of the current Cow Bay lot may be impacted by the Property Disposition.

Items of interest related to the Cow Bay Area can be reviewed here.

More notes on Civic themes can be explored from our archive page.


  1. It is my understanding this is to be replaced by a gravel lot behind Rona. The following year the gravel lot will be paved. Parking lots require lighting and drainage.

    The gravel lot should have lighting prior to using. Prior to paving the lot will require digging up and putting in a drainage for rainwater and melting snow.

    Where is the city going to move the parking when the underground work is being done. The lighting is important for safety and security. What’s the plan?

    1. Why don’t you apply for a job at public works to actually have your input considered?

  2. The idea is the city should be open to feedback from the public. This is why the Community Charter requires the city to publicly inform the residents of some of the actions the city plans on taking. At that point the city should be taking input from the taxpayers.

    A career change in not in my plans at this time.

    1. Then you should lodge your input at a Council meeting instead of complaining into a digital void

  3. It is my choice and not yours as to how I voice my concerns and thoughts. I know a view councilors that follow NCR. I believe there is a far bigger following of NCR than the council meetings.
    Thanks for your input!

    1. You’re absolutely right there is a far bigger following of NCR than council meetings, but no government acts on anonymous suggestions lodged on an anonymous blog.

      I’m trying to say you may have raised some good points but you’re raising them in the wrong place.

      if you’re hoping a city councillor will read your comment and do something about it, keep hoping