Thursday, June 22, 2023

District of Port Edward Annual Report available for review

Residents of the District of Port Edward can review the snapshot of the work of their elected officials and civic staff from 2022 and explore some of the plans for this year, all compiled as part of this years Annual Report.

Among some of the themes available from the online document or print versions available from the District Office, includes a letter from Mayor Knut Bjorndal, the Mayor offering a few updates of the last year.

Of note from the Mayor's overview, the setting aside of over forty years of what the mayor described as sometimes acrimonious dealings with the District's neighbours at the City of Prince Rupert. 

Towards that new relationship, Mr. Bjorndal observes of the Prosperity Agreement signed earlier this year, that will see the District paying the City of Prince Rupert for services that Port Edward residents use in Prince Rupert, as well as mutual aid agreement between the two Fire Rescue services to provide assistance when required.

The Port Edward mayor also outlines the joint approach that the District and City of Prince Rupert will taken the Port Tax Cap issue, with both facing drastic reductions in taxation ability, the Mayor notes the District has hired a law firm to represent the community to challenge the tax issue. 

The Report also provides five snapshots of the Strategic Priorities for the District Council, covering areas of Finance, Public Works and Infrastructure,  Economic Development, Community Development and Developing Strong District organization

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Overviews from the Administration Department, Finance Office, Public Works and The District Fire Service provide a glimpse into the work of those departments over the last year.

For the Port Edward Volunteer Fire Department, the overview notes of their 40 calls for service in 2022,  the prospect of a piece of new apparatus to come this year and an outline of the training program for the District's Volunteer Firefighters.

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A range of Financial reports and information make for the final 18 pages of the 43 page report.

You can access the report online here.

Once residents have had opportunity to review the Report, they have until next Tuesday June 27th at 4:30 PM to  forward any comments to District Officials.

The Annual Report is likely to be a topic for the Agenda for the District council meeting later on Tuesday evening, where District officials will accept it.

More notes on themes from the District can be reviewed from our archive page.

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