Monday, June 26, 2023

Cost of Work on Infrastructure and that of supplies and Services surged in 2022

How much the City spent on services and supplies was outlined
in the Annual Statement of Information Report released Friday

2022 provided for a significant jump in what it costs the City of Prince Rupert to procure supplies and services, the 2022 total coming in at 56,086,008 for 2022 up from the 37 million dollars in the books for 2021.

Much of that seems related to the progress and in some cases completion of major infrastructure projects in the community.

The full review of payment to suppliers was included in the Agenda for Monday night's City Council Session, the Statement of Financial Information the last of the documentation that we see from the Budget process, with only the City's Annual Report to be delivered to complete the yearly reviews.

When it comes to the accounts payable themes, as it was in 2021, the largest payment for the yer ending in December wen to Eiffage Innovative Canada, the engineering firm the was working on the city's Phase Two Water infrastructure project, the company received $12,790,333 for the work of last year an increase of close to 5.9 million from the year before. 

Other suppliers to receive more than 1 million dollars in 2022  included:

Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance LP  -- $8,770,745
Broadwater Industries -- $2,576,198
Adventure Construction  -- $1,967,856
McElhanney Engineering -- $1,243,523
Pembina Infrastructure and Logistics LP  -- $1,234,945

The City also directs a significant amount of money towards federal and provincial coffers, the largest of that amount the contract Policing requirements for the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP, which saw the City send $4,545,670 to the Receiver General in 2022 an increase of $552,372

The City also forwarded $917,428 to the Receiver General for City payroll requirements, along with 181,387 for GST purposes

Revenue Services of British Columbia received payment of $330,701 for their services in 2022.

The Municipal Pension plan was sent $1,394,706, with $314,099 forwarded to the Municipal Insurance Association of BC.

The Municipal Financial Authority received $669,619.

Manlife Financial collected $697,186 from the city in 2022.

The Workers Compensation Board  was also in the six figure range, receiving $666,898 in 2021 an increase of 125,893 from the year before.

Payments to BC Hydro totalled $777,188 for 2022, while BC Transit received $695,137 for its service to the community last year.

PW Transit Canada Ltd, also received $400,027 for service to the city in 2022, likely for the operation of the Airport shuttle buses.

Pacific Northern Gas received $421,136 for their services in the last year.

ICBC received $57,061 for services to the end of December 2022.

The City's Legal requirements last year saw quite a few entries.

 $97,116  was directed to Civic Legal LLP, Lidstone & Company Barristers and Solicitors received $145,877, another $167,293 went  to Lawson Lundell LLP. 

Harris and Company received $25,714 for their legal services and  Silversides, Merrick and Mclean received $46,490 from their work in 2022.

North Coast Regional District MFA received $1,746,392 from the city in 2022.

The City also forwarded $31,048 to the Organized Crime Agency of BC.

The City of Prince Rupert also directed $153,509 to City owned CityWest in 2022.

35 other suppliers some local most from out of town make up the list of payments between 100,000 and 1 million dollars, that list includes:

Western Tank and Lining Limited -- $745,502
Northwest Fuels Ltd -- $721,019
Storey's Excavating -- $445,637
Sperling Hansen Associates --
Colliers Project Leaders Inc. -- $387,246
Magna Engineering Services Ltd. -- $382,792
BBA Engineering --

Flocor Inc. -- $330,895
Associated Engineering BC Ltd. -- $265,639
1279608 BC Ltd (McCarthy GM Trustee). -- $257,235
Lighten Up Electric Ltd. -- $252,078
Urban Systems Ltd. -- $237,691
Rupert Wood N Steel Construction Ltd.  --

Boni-Maddison Architects -- $220,983
Securiguard Services Limited -- $217,384
Rupert Disposal -- 

Canadian Fishing Company -- $177,608
Northern Sons Ventures -- $175,819
CIMS Limited Partnership  -- $165,338
Skeena Concrete Products -- $161,850
Securicore -- $144,032
Commercial Emergency Equipment Co. -- $138,085
Johnny's Machine Shop -- $137,468
Great Pacific Consulting Ltd. --
Empire Tree Services -- $129,481
Rollins Machinery Limited -- $127,794
Aquila Safety -- $116,366
Group Mills Ltd -- $115,186
Canada's Big Truck Rental -- $113,654

L & M Engineering Ltd -- $108,826
EMCO Corporation -- $108,123
Northlands Water and Sewer Supplies -- $106,016
Westcana Electric Inc. -- $104,064
Fred Surridge Ltd. -- $102,706
Executrade  Consultants -- $101,403

The remainder of the list for 2022 is made up of a range of businesses and suppliers a mix of local and out of town providers which all collected varying amounts of payment between $25,000 and $100,000.

You can review the full information package on payments to suppliers and compensation for city employees and elected officials from Monday's Agenda Package

The full review starts on page 115.

The Suppliers Payment Information is one of three significant information releases that comes with the SOFI report, yesterday we outlined the scope of the city's cash payments for elected officials and civic staff positions.

SOFI report shows one million dollar increase to civic payroll totals for 2022 

Slight up tick for city Council members salaries from 2022 Statement of Financial Information  

The 2021 SOFI report, along with the City's Annual Report to be reviewed by Council tonight,  will become part of the permanent record of Financial information that is archived on the City Website, providing opportunity for those with in an interest in municipal governance to compare the spending patterns on a year to year basis.

More items on the 2023 Budget process can be explored here

Further notes on the work of City Council can be reviewed from our Council Discussion Page.

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