Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Airport Ferry refit underway, alternative transportation now in use for Digby Island crossing

The Digby Island Ferry is currently
undergoing refit in Ketchikan AK
As those making the trip back home for Homecoming quickly learned, Prince Rupert's usual transportation system between the Digby Island airport and the city has required a change this month, as the Digby Island ferry came out of service for its planned refit.

With the ferry now off to Ketchikan for what is expected to be a month long refit, the City is currently making use of a barge and tug process to transport passengers to and from Digby Island.

The planned refit, which was last listed as carrying a cost of 458,000 dollars, was approved last November by City Council, though not without a fair bit of discussion on whether the dry dock destination should have been to the North.

The Airport Ferry over the years has become one of the favourite topics for discussion from residents of the city, particularly those that make frequent trips in and out of the Prince Rupert airport.

It also comes up for discussion at Prince Rupert City Council from time to time, most recently as part of the budget discussions of February.

As part of that budget review, the nature of the 925,000 dollar subsidy to operate the transportation link was examined by Mayor Brain and the current members of City council.

As for the service for the rest of May and into June, no firm date has been provided as of yet by the City, as to when the Digby Island Ferry will return to service.

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