Thursday, May 14, 2015

North Coast MLA salutes Speech and Hearing Awareness Week in the Legislature

Lives are changed by improved communication. Seeking help can make a positive difference to you, your family and our society. Speech-language pathologists and audiologists play an important role making that difference. Today I recognize these professionals for all that they do. -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice at the Legislature Tuesday heralding Speech and Hearing Awareness week

The rewarding task of highlighting the work of British Columbia's hearing and speech professionals was taken up by North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice this week, as she outlined for the Legislature the unique nature of their work and the accomplishments that they provide for across British Columbia.

Ms. Rice reviewed some of the statistics of those that require assistance in learning when it comes to Speech and Hearing issues and made note of the impact that receiving that help is having on their lives.

One in ten people in B.C. have a speech or language disorder. One in approximately 100 children in Canada have autism who experience speech-language difficulty. More than 1 million Canadians have a hearing-related disability. Twenty percent of adults over 65, and 40 percent of adults over 75, experience a significant hearing problem. 

By the time a child is four and a half, they will know approximately 2,000 words and 90 to 100 percent of their speech will now be understood. From birth to school, children's language development is rapid. Ensuring that children's speech and language is appropriate for their age will promote their learning both in and out of the classroom.

 You can review the full text of her statement in support of Audio and Speech professionals from the Legislature Archive, it can be found at the 10:15 mark of the day's proceedings.

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