Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Housing Survey set to move forward in weeks to come

The City's housing review will start with a knock at your door in June, as the City launches its data collection survey process on housing issues.

The much discussed community engagement campaign is set to take place between June 8th and the 18th, as the City looks for some hard data when it comes to assessing the level of the need for Housing in the community

At Monday evening's Council session, Mayor Brain provided the thumb nail sketch of the path of the Go Plan ahead, noting that the City will be providing the training for the volunteer force that will be going through the community to determine what kind of housing is required.

Called the Go Plan Survey, it will see a number of enumerators taking to the streets to collect data on the issues of housing. Those that sign up to conduct the survey on behalf of the city, will be compensated for their efforts as well as have the opportunity to win a prize for the most surveys collected  as part of their time with the project.

The Mayor did not outline the level of the compensation that enumerators will receive, nor provide any background on the cost of the ten day survey to the City as part of his overview of Monday evening.

Calling it a very unique project, the Mayor explained that once the data is collected it will be "plugged into the LNG GO Plan" to help the city prepare for any LNG related developments.

From the project, the City believes it will be able to provide information to the province and federal governments on housing issues related to rapid economic growth.

Further background on the Go Plan Survey will be made available shortly, by way of video and social media. There is also a plan to develop a website that will be also launched once the City is ready to introduce the surveys to the public.

You can review the City's plans for their housing surveys by way of the City's Video Archive the discussion on the Go Plan survey runs from the fifteen minute point to the twenty minute mark.

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