Friday, May 8, 2015

MLA Rice celebrates the work of Mid-wives with comments in Legislature

As part of Tuesday's morning session of the Legislature, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice offered up a statement of celebration of the work of the provinces Mid-Wives.

Speaking on May 5th, which was observed as National Mid-Wives Day, Ms. Rice outlined for the Legislature the various work of the provinces mid-wives and the successful outcomes that they provide for in maternity care across the province.

She also however offered up a word of caution when it comes to the provision of services to rural and northern British Columbia communities. Listing off for the Legislature the large list of communities that require an expansion of services, as rural and First Nations communities need to travel lengthy distances to seek out proper service.

Among those communities on the list that she provided to the Legislature were Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert, with the North Coast MLA offering up notice to the provincial government that the Northwest also required more resources and assistance with the program.

Late last year,  we outlined some recent moves by the Province to expand the Mid-wife process in the province, an agreement that now extends into March of 2019.

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