Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WCC LNG project for Tuck Inlet receives procedural order instructions

The Environmental process for the proposed Tuck Inlet LNG project will soon begin to come to life, as the Exxon/Mobil led project receives instructions through a Procedural Order issued through the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office.

In documents released on April 27th the path ahead for WCC LNG was outlined in a twenty page overview, providing background and instructions to the LNG proponents as to the scope, procedures in place and assessment process for the Tuck Inlet project.

The procedural Order issued by the Environmental Assessment Office can be examined here

Consultation will be among some of the key elements of the process with a number of conditions
Location map for proposed WCC LNG
Terminal project for Tuck Inlet
related toward the public and Aboriginal consultation process listed over the course of three pages.

Those consultations will also lead to a Working Group tasked to deliver a Draft Valued Components document, providing responses to comments related to their work prior to preparing and submitting the Project Application to the EAO.

In addition to the Environmental process, WCC LNG also confirmed what the selected concept for its terminal project will look like.

With the proposed development to be an onshore based LNG plant,  the suitability of the on shore version of their plan reached after consideration of economic conditions, as well as community and First nations input.

You can review their notes on how they reached that decision here.

As for the terminal proposal at full build up it would capable of producing 30 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year using up to five LNG storage tanks, the marine terminal and loading facility will be capable of accommodating up to three LNG carriers each.

WCC LNG is expected to open a community office in Prince Rupert in the near future as well, more information sessions related to the project are planned as the process moves forward.

The path ahead for the WCC LNG project won't be providing immediate results, it's anticipated that the company won't be making any Final Investment Decision for at least two to three years.

You can review the background on the proposed Tuck Inlet project from our archive page here.

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