Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal back on the clock at CEAA

The CEAA Environmental Review
related to Pacific NorthWest LNG
is reportedly moving forward again
Around the same time that members of the Lax Kw'alaams Community were showing their hands to vote on (and subsequently turn down) the proposed benefit package related to the Petronas led Lelu Island LNG project, the actual process of environmental review for that project was starting to move forward once again, after an eleven week stop.

On Monday, a report from Globe and Mail reporter Brent Jang, outlined that the Environmental Assessment process which had stopped earlier this year, resumed its work, with the CEAA confirming for the national newspaper that the process had started moving once again as of May 11th.

As we outlined earlier this year the process had stopped in February, after the CEAA requested more information from Pacific NorthWest LNG on issues related to the Lelu Island proposal.

With the process once again underway, the track towards a final decision from the environmental agency will now move that timeline into the fall. At that point, the Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkag could make a final decision based on the findings of the CEAA review.

The Globe's Jang also notes that a Draft report could be issued by the CEAA this summer, a document which could provide conditional approval for the Pacific NorthWest LNG plans.

From that point further public comment would be invited as part of that process, along with a number of environmental conditions that the proponent would have to meet should conditional approval be granted.

The Globe also notes that issues of concern related to the Lelu Island location could be addressed further by Petronas as they look to move forward their proposed development.

Significantly, it's observed that so far, the detailed engineering work required for the project has yet to be finalized, something which could lead to further design changes to the proposed development in order to try and address the impasse over the Flora Bank question.

Further background on such things as potential location shifts, design changes, as well as what the timeline ahead might look like can be reviewed from the Globe and  Mail article here.

The CEAA archive of Pacific NorthWest LNG filings as part of the process can be examined here

As well, our archive items related to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project can be reviewed here.

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