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Northwest Secondary Schools deliver mixed results in latest Fraser Institute Review

It's report season at the Fraser Institute, with May delivering the latest review of Secondary Schools by the Vancouver based organization.

Using test data and other indicators from 2014, the at times controversial approach to reviewing academic and performance standings brings a mixture of findings from the Bulkley Valley to Haida Gwaii.

For the North Coast and Northwest, the results with the exception of two schools, for the most part find the remainder of the region's secondary schools providing for a mixture of placements in the Fraser Institute listings.

In Prince Rupert, Charles Hays Secondary received a mark of 3.7 out of ten, much the same as the year before, down from the 2012 high point of 4.1 over the five year trends.

The Grade 12 enrolment of 2014 for CHSS was listed at 158 students, the average exam mark was 62.2 per cent, with 20.7 percent of those exams listed as failed.

The Charles Hays Graduation rate is listed as 94.2 per cent, with the delayed advanced rate listed as 39.9 per cent.

Of the 289 listings in this year's Fraser Institute report, CHSS was listed at 264/289

You can review the breakdown on Charles Hays below

A look across the rest of the Northwest and over to Haida Gwaii provided a range of results as well.

Of those, Bulkley Valley Christian in Smither delivered the best results, listed at 8.4 out of ten, 24th out of the 289 spots.

The school which features a Grade twelve enrolment of 23 students graduated 100 percent of its class, with an average exam mark of 75.8 per cent.

From that perch of number 24,  the rest of the North West and North Coast were a fair bit down the listings, with the Bulkley Valley finding the most consistent numbers of the region.

Smithers and Houston schools were in the mid range, with overall rankings of 6.5 and 5.8.

Smithers Secondary which has a Grade 12 enrolment of 157 was listed at 107/289, Houston which has 33 enrolled in Grade 12 was noted at 151/289

Coming further west  toward Hazelton, Terrace and Kitimat

Caledonia with 214 Grade 12 students received a ranking of 4.9 or, 220/289.

Mount Elizabeth with enrolment of 101 in Grade 12 was listed at 3.2, or 271/289.

Hazelton with 54 Grade 12 students received a 1.4, or 284/289

The Nisga'a School in the Nass Valley which has a Grade 12 enrolment of 42 did not have enough data to provide for a result

On Haida Gwaii's there was incomplete data available for George M Dawson which has 30 Grade 12 students enrolled.

Queen Charlotte Secondary with a Grade 12 enrolment of 24 was given a 7.1 rating, or 80 out of 289

The listings across the region look as follows

Bulkley Valley Christian         8.4/10  -- 24th
Queen Charlotte Secondary    7.1/10   -- 80th
Smithers Secondary                6.5/10   -- 107th
Houston Secondary                 5.8/10   -- 151st
Caledonia Secondary              4.9/10   --  220nd
Charles Hays                           3.7/10   --  264th
Mount Elizabeth                      3.2/10   --  271st
Hazelton                                  1.4/10   --  284th    

The full report from the Fraser Institute can be reviewed here.

Background on how authors Peter Cowley and Stephen Easton assembled their data and put it to use can be reviewed from pages 1 to 9.

The overall provincial listings can be examined on pages 33-36, while regional findings can be reviewed by way of the main report, broken down by areas of the province.

Previous reports from the last two years can be examined below:


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